Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication

Identity Document Authentication

Digital technology provided an avenue for enterprises to streamline their services and operate remotely. With a mobile device and the internet, customers can acquire the goods and services they need.

While these modern tools are well-intentioned, criminals exploit them to carry out illicit activities. Many risks continue to threaten enterprises, including fraud, identity theft, and money laundering, to name a few.

Fraudulent individuals often target systems that use weak security measures that are inefficient in proving a person’s claimed identity. For example, traditional identity verification procedures like Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) only confirm that a person knows the requested information and does not validate if they are who they say they are.

Enterprises must replace these outdated identity proofing methods with biometric identification solutions that provide better security and a seamless user experience. This identity proofing process harnesses facial biometrics technology to confirm a person’s claimed identity.

The person will initiate the procedure by taking a selfie and then taking a photograph of their identity document. The software will compare the person’s facial image to the photo in their ID.

Additional security controls like an active-liveness detection test will ask the user to perform gestures like blinking, smiling, or moving their head at the time of authentication to confirm their real-time presence.

Moreover, an automated identity document authentication will prove the genuineness of the provided government-issued credential. Using the same mobile device, the person can take a quick snapshot of their driver’s license and submit it for driver’s license authentication.

Modern technology should enable companies to protect their systems and block criminal attacks effectively. As fraudsters become more persistent in infiltrating networks, organizations must stay steps ahead of them.

Digital identity verification and automated identity document authentication play an essential role in modern security practices. To know more about them, an infographic from Ipsidy is provided below.

Identity Verification and Identity Document Authentication

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