Dark Net Cybersecurity Risks

Dark Net Cybersecurity Risks: What to Know

December 20, 2019 TechPrate 0

What is the Dark Net? You use email to send and receive your files. You surf the web for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You visit tons of legitimate sites like Wikipedia, Tech Republic, New York Times and PC World. That’s […]

Tips to Create Customer Testimonials

Tips to Create Customer Testimonials Using Video

December 7, 2019 TechPrate 0

Customer testimonials have a very realistic vibe. Today, the market is saturated with all kinds of advertisements and hence companies keep trying to come up with new ideas. A customer testimonial video is a video advertisement of a regular customer […]

Responsive Web Design

Reasons Why We Need a Responsive Web Design

November 13, 2019 TechPrate 0

Is certifiably not an ordinary site all that anyone could need? Not generally. The description is everything in a business. One terrible section can impact how well your business is going. This remains constant for your business site too. On […]

Software Development Life Cycle

A Piece of Advice on Software Development Life Cycle

November 8, 2019 TechPrate 0

Article content’s SDLC definition Importance of SDLC Necessities gathering phase Plan phase Planning phase Testing phase Arrangement  phase SDLC models characterized Agile Waterfall Individuals need to fabricate complex things that make our lives simpler. Think self-driving vehicles, keen homes, or […]