Reasons Why WordPress is Considered the Best CMS in the Industry

Website with WordPress

You will be surprised to know that more than forty percent of all the websites on the internet are based on WordPress. It is one of the oldest content management systems that started almost two decades ago. 

When the internet was just considered a fad, it became the platform of choice if you wanted to start a blog. But, now, owing to advances in technology and other innovations, this CMS can power any kind of website; from blogs to e-commerce sites, the CMS  can handle it all. 

Besides the software’s essential features, it is also a great platform that people can use to build their website from scratch. 

This platform is one of the best CMS in the industry because it can be used by people who do not even have developing web experience. 

Here are some reasons why this is the best CMS in the industry:

SEO Features

Search Engine Optimization increases the chance of your website being ranked higher on the search engine result page when a user puts in a related query. 

If your website even starts to rank the first page, it can bring hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your website daily. 

Search engines have a set of parameters to rank a website, and they are ingrained in the search engine’s algorithm. So, your website must be built in accordance with SEO-friendly parameters. 

This CMS software offers SEO features like HTML markup, image optimizations, alt text input, meta tag input, and similar features. 

It Offers a Great Degree of Customizability

You don’t need to have coding knowledge to make changes to the website or even build a website. The platform is easy to use and has an exceptional user interface that makes it easy to change the website. 

You can make your website within hours by choosing from a wide array of set templates that the CMS platform offers, and you can even edit them as per your requirements.

From the font to banner size, you have the option to customize most elements of the website. 

Wide Variety of Themes and Plugins

The platform offers a ton of in-house themes, and it also enables you to upload your themes that you must have bought from a third-party website. Furthermore, it offers a variety of plugins that increase the website’s functionality.  You can plugin third-party platforms as well to monitor your website performance, mails, newsletters, metrics, and other such things. 

The platform also enables you to build a responsive website and adjust to various screen sizes, operating systems, and browsers. For instance, if people are visiting your website through their phone, they will be able to access a scaled-down version of the website to offer the best interface for the phone. 

Better Community Support

Since most of the websites on the internet are based on this CMS, there is a very big community of its supporters. So, you will find a ton of resources on the internet regarding this software if you ever need help. Moreover, many online forums you can join offer support and tips to use this platform in the best possible way. 

These were some of the reasons why WordPress is one of the best content management systems. No matter what issue you must be facing with your website, if it is based on this platform, you will be able to find an easy solution. 


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