Top Five Netflix Series You Must Never Watch With Your Kids

It is undeniable that OTT platforms have made it easier for us to watch the content that we earlier used to have little to no access to.

However, it can also not be denied that these platforms are full of content that is unfiltered and might not be appropriate to watch with kids.

That is why we have come up with the following list of the top five shows which are available on Netflix that you must never watch with your kids. Let’s take a look at it!

1. Ozark

The Next Hint has reported that the development of Ozark Season 4 is going on very fast and the fans will soon get to see it. However, it is one of the shows which you should never watch with your kids.

Or else, they will end up asking you a lot of questions that you will find hard to answer. So to keep things simple for your kids and yourself, you must avoid watching this show with them.

2. Breaking Bad

Even though it is one of the finest shows that the world has ever seen, there is no question about it being inappropriate for children. It is one of the darkest shows and it has a lot of bloody violence.

The narrative of the show is also not suited for the children as they might get misled into believing that cooking meth is the easiest way to get rich, live fast, and then die young. So do not let them watch this show when you are watching it, otherwise, they will grow old sooner than you expected.

3. Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty happen to be one of the funniest shows ever and it is because of how well it is written and the phenomenal voice acting of the show. However, the show has a lot of cuss words and a very dark sense of humor which is not suitable for the kids. Therefore, it will be best to not watch this show when the kids are around.

4. Thirteen Reasons Why

This show deals with some serious issues such as teenage rape, suicide, and murder. These three things are enough to make your mind about whether you should watch this show with kids or not. It is one of the shows where it is best to watch it alone.

5. Delhi Crime

A series that is based on a true incident is known as Delhi Crime. The story revolves around a gang rape which became a national issue in the year 2012.

The narrative of the show is very dark and you should not watch it with the kids if you want their volatile minds to be free from any kind of worries. The shows mentioned above are extremely dark, violent, and completely not suitable for children who are below the age of 16.

That is why you must prevent watching these shows with them if you want to keep their childhood safe. It is because kids have very impressionable minds and they will learn anything that they will see on their screen.

So be smart and do not let them watch any of the above shows or anything else that could potentially threaten their childhood. And for more such amazing information, keep visiting this space.

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