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Virtual Event Platforms Comparison Chart

There is no denying the fact that the coronavirus pandemic left mankind riddled with confusing situations. It drastically affected our lifestyles and our perspective towards everything.

We all are aware of the fact that the covid-19 pandemic changed the narrative of our education and work system. The work from home and the virtual world was introduced to us in 2020.

Although virtual as well as hybrid events have been around the corner for quite a while now, covid19 boosted its popularity and trust us, it is definitely for the good!

Virtual events are online platforms that allow individuals to communicate and interact with the help of a virtual medium. Organisations have now started to partake in numerous activities like virtual events, virtual launches, virtual fashion shows, virtual trade fairs, and a lot more.

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Virtual exhibitions have gained significant popularity as they are quite budget-oriented and encourage great attendance. But, it is not an easy task to host a virtual event. There are a lot of crucial aspects that can make or break your virtual performance and your image for a lifetime.

Thus, it is extremely important to incorporate effective virtual event platforms that cater to all your requirements. You must look for a virtual event platform that offers utmost customisation for your virtual event along with specialised tools like AI matchmaking and networking tables.

With all that being said, let us have a look at some of the famous virtual as well as hybrid event platforms to help you finalize the best alternative available for you. So, without any further delay, let’s start to unravel all the features of various virtual event platforms and draw a virtual event platform comparison chart for your better understanding.


This is one of the most prominent virtual event platforms that has gained significant popularity over the past few years. They provide an interactive as well as holistic virtual space for your organisation. You can host virtual events like virtual product launches, virtual trade fairs, virtual conferences, virtual summits, and a lot more. They have inculcated numerous features like B2B meeting schedule, Dynamic lobby and DIY booth builder, and more than curate the most extravagant virtual platform. Thus, let us have a look at some of its features.

1) AI Matchmaking

This is a unique tool offered by Dreamcast virtual event platform. It allows exhibitors to access the virtual attendee’s crucial information that consists of their interests. This helps them in communicating with the interested candidates and fixing a productive meeting with them as and when required.

2) Access Management

This feature enables organisations to access the management control of their virtual attendees. This means that they can enable or disable the access of their attendees. This is an advantageous feature if you want to create a VIP event or you have separate virtual events that are paid as well as unpaid.

3) Networking Tables

This is one of the most holistic and immersive features provided in virtual event platforms. It enables participants to experience in-person events virtually. Virtual attendees are empowered to partake in a networking table conference and are facilitated with sound and audio features.

4) Automatic Feedback form

Dreamcast realises the value of feedback therefore they have come up with the push feedback form option. This automatically pops up a feedback form at the screens of the virtual attendees. This boosts up the feedback and can attract more reviews from the clients.

5) Attendee Footprinting

This feature enables organisations and exhibitors to keep a track of all the virtual attendees as this helps them in keeping a useful insight and analyse what were the most visited areas like an exhibition hall, reception area, auditoriums and so forth.

6) Custom Environment

Dreamcast offers ultimate customization from the virtual space like Auditorium, reception, lobby, exhibition booths to even the buttons and icon names of your virtual event. You can alter each and every aspect as per your preferences. Therefore, you can create the ultimate virtual event that caters to your brand’s image and requirements.

7) 24*7 Real-time support

Interact with Dreamcast’s Specialists and experts to find the solution to your problems. They are available around the clock for your service and offer corrective measures as per your convenience instantly.


6Connex prominently functions by exposing all the event planners to a global level. They specialise in providing exuberant virtual occasions that comprise virtual trade fairs, virtual exhibition, virtual career fairs, and a lot more.

They offer numerous facilities that captivate the organisations at a glance. So, let us have a look at some of their beneficial facilities and how they add a visual element to your event :

1) Security

It commendably consents with the most thorough security necessities alongside other security aspects like blacklisting, security cookies and so forth.

2) HTML5

This feature makes 6Connex one of the rarest platforms as it permits cross-platform facilitation by supporting HTML5.

3) Scalability

This streams their virtual events on cloud platforms therefore they can easily tackle the issue of obliging bigger crowds.

4) Space

They offer a wide assortment of rooms and spaces to the organizers to choose from. You can select from their parlour, lobby, exhibition hall, and a lot more according to your preferences and requirements.

5) Analytics

They effortlessly guide all the hosts by giving them insights on valuable aspects. It in turn increases their return on investment as they can comprehend all the elements of the platform and take corrective measures on time.

6) Social Media Administration

This feature allows organisations to effortlessly interact with the participants by utilising tools like live polls and immersive feed.


1) Virtual Booths

Hubilo provides a unique virtual booth space that allows your sponsors as well as exhibitors to promote their product and increase their sales effortlessly.

2) Gamification

Hubilo allows you to incorporate numerous games and gamify the entire ambience of your virtual event with the utmost ease.

3) Networking

Their main ideology is to provide a real-time as well as an immersive virtual event that is completely different from virtual webinars. They boost up one-on-one interaction during the virtual event with their unique networking strategy.

4) Demo rooms

Hubilo allows you to permit exhibitors to accept virtual demo rooms and gain insight on the latest topics and discussions.


This virtual event platform is known for providing 24/7 assistance to their clients. They offer cutting edge insights with the assistance of special tools. This platform offers virtual events like virtual conferences, virtual summits, virtual forums, and so forth. With that being said, let us have a look at their features offered:

1) Scalable

The stage permits moderators to associate with the worldwide crowd through content, video and audio chats as well as a message.

2) Accessible

Vfair empowers client investment from any gadget as it is available across platforms.

3) Presentation

Speakers can have the assistance of online sessions and enhance their virtual sessions.

4) Customer Service

You can contact their customer support 24*7 and get the desired solution for your problem.


This virtual event platform allows attendees to move in and out of any event with the utmost ease.  Their main focus is to deliver an experience that reciprocates the in-person events. It enables an organisation to host a life event that does not follow any size or limit. They offer numerous features and some of them are listed below:

1) Team Management

Hoppin organisation facilitates the participants to come together in the admin dashboard and brainstorm together to create the perfect Hoppin event.

2) Recordings and Analytics

They offer Hoppin session areas to individuals that empowers them to come together and conceptualize on a RoundTable.

3) Expo

Hoppin Expo is their exhibition hall area that facilitates individuals to customize their booths with features like builtin or pre-recorded videos along with chat rooms and CTAs.

4) Networking

They offer a unique discovery tool that enables individuals to be connected through one on one conversations during a live event.

Virtual Event Platform Comparison Chart


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