5 Ways Digital Technology is Revolutionizing and Streamlining the Apartment Rental Experience

Digital Technology

Technology is deeply embedded into almost every aspect of our lives. This is also true for the way we find and handle our housing solutions. The rental market has gone through a massive change in terms of the overall customer experience. It has never been easier to find an ideal apartment for rent. 

Most of the improvements regarding the apartment rental experience come down to the streamlined and efficient nature of modern digital solutions. Everything from contracts, to research and negotiation can be done using digital tools. 

Here is a close inspection of how digital technology is revolutionizing the apartment rental experience. 

Useful answers, fast

One of the most important features that modern customers are looking for is quick and reliable communication. People need answers and they need them fast. That is why many rental agencies nowadays have excellent websites that are designed to offer premium customer experience. 

This means that the website is going to have an eye-catching design with good visual hierarchy. This allows the user to quickly navigate the page and find what they are looking for easily. All this is part of a good user journey and an excellent ability to increase sales. In addition to an eye-catching and intuitive design, most modern websites will also have chat bot functionality. These widgets allow users to quickly ask for information which might not be directly available on the web page itself. 

This is an excellent tool which can automate and streamline communication with clients, leaving customer support agents to handle more important unresolved scenarios. If implemented correctly on your webpage, these digital tools will save you money in the long run and offer a stable and reliable experience to potential customers. 

Online reviews

What people value the most in modern day apartment rental marketing is transparency, and what better way to offer precisely that, than by offering customer reviews. Platforms like Google reviews, Yelp, and Facebook are all great places where customers can leave their reviews. 

It is important to be transparent and allow everyone to leave their honest opinion, whereas having a perfect rating will just seem suspicious. Thanks to these tech innovations, users now have access to fresh updated information and an insight into diverse perspectives, allowing them to assess things that may not be so obvious from the pictures like tenant-management interaction. 

When someone is looking for an apartment, they simply want to make a comparative analysis, which enables them to have a more stable relationship with their renters, especially if they find a good location and something within budget. 

Quicker research

Thanks to technology such as local SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, online users are now able to conduct their rental apartment research much faster. There are now entire databases of great apartment rentals online which offer amazing abundance and freedom of choice. 

There is an apartment for just about everyone nowadays. Good SEO brings the best local apartments to potential customers. These websites offer not only insights into the property itself but also the local area, with information about local amenities, infrastructure and culture. This is an ultimate one-in-all way to find the right information quickly. 

Manage digital accounts

One of the most stressful parts of the apartment rental experience is managing all the administration and application. Luckily, modern tech has also streamlined this process since modern platforms integrate all of the core functionality in one place. 

Whether you are submitting your application or leasing you can navigate all of those features in one place. Digital application has eliminated the need for thorough background checks, which makes renting out an apartment much easier for agencies as well. Digital contracts and leasing agreements can be signed digitally using electronic signatures. This speeds up the process drastically, by bridging the gap between the rentee and the agency. 

Not only that, but the future of rental apartments looks much more sustainable as well, simply because the streamlined process eliminates the need for paper and unnecessary transportation. 

Virtual Tours

The latest tech innovations in computer graphics and visual representations have also made finding an apartment much more interactive and engaging. Agencies can now showcase their beautiful apartments with virtual reality tours. 

This has allowed them to bring in a lot of remote customers, who might have been reluctant to travel all those miles just to see a place. The worst thing for a business are customers who are on the fence. Virtual reality tours help with that tremendously, since they provide potential customers with almost an entirely hands-on experience and bring a good dose of polarity. 

This digital marketing approach is an excellent way to save everyone time and reduce unnecessary costs of maintaining apartments that are on standby. 

Technology has truly revolutionized the way we rent and find apartments. Information is now easily accessible and most important of all, it is transparent, since modern clients can now leverage the latest digital tools such as chatbots, online review platforms, local SEO optimized content, digital management services and virtual tours. 

By Mike Johnston


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