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8 Web Design Features to Outfox your Competition in the Race to Glory

Web designs need to be impeccable when we talk about shopping portals and eCommerce websites.

Don’t think that as I am talking about them, other websites don’t need such help.

It is just that eCommerce ventures can’t take any risk when it comes to designing their websites. They can’t settle for anything less than exceptional to woo their customers as taut assistance from a reputed web design Dubai agency can do the trick for them.

Businesses need to take drastic measures when they have to endure tough competition. The holiday season is just around the corner and the new year is also not far away. Before you know it, we will be welcoming 2023, hoping that everything will be smooth after a disastrous year for businesses worldwide. Think about making critical changes in your web design that will matter a lot.

The following is a definitive list of eight factors that you need to consider for making your website’s design and layout stand out amongst your competition.

1. Tell About Your Company 

Businesses need to talk about their company in a fashion that can attract people instantly. Not many companies try to offer something about themselves that can engage visitors.

Most people think that they cannot innovate in the design aspect when telling something about their company. With short videos, things can be pretty easy to define and an excellent way to redesign your page to evoke curiosity.

This may not be the best way to start your bid in attracting prospective customers, but it is a unique way. And that’s one way to turn heads toward your page.

2. Offer Something Unique and of Good Value

Never think about filling up your page that is not up to the standard. Even if you are just putting up some written text, make sure that it is well-crafted. Offer everything that is of great value to our customers.

That’s why not just ground-breaking will help you as the standard and quality also matter a lot. Start by giving your visitors some freebies like an eBook that can help you a lot.

3. Videos to Educate your Audience 

Making the most of the videos will make your website extremely interesting and easy to watch. Many websites offer videos to their visitors but in a way that doesn’t look persuasive enough. Add something extra that will look cool and make everyone enjoy them.

A hint of humor will be good so that you can come up with a video that looks interesting and fun to watch. Design the page to highlight the best parts of the video by offering screenshots to raise the interest level.

4. Industry Insights

If you can depict yourself as an industry leader in making the product your visitors are interested in, your chances will be high in attracting your potential customers to no end.

Offer them industry insights that no one else likes to offer and coupled with a great design; this can give your visitors something you can brag about. Become the authority on the subject, and your website will get an insane volume of traffic.

You can regularly update this section so that a random visitor will come back for more, offering you a chance to convert him into a quality lead.

5. Fresh Content

This can be termed as the logical extension of the previous point. After offering industry insights, your visitors will look forward to your website having fresh content and always being to the point.

Don’t beat about the bush when offering anything about your product or service. And outdated information/news will give the impression that you are not serious enough to put effort into researching your product/industry.

6. Avoid Stock Images

Stock images give a very bad impression about any website as it looks amateurish. Again, the effort you put in designing your website comes into question as people like to see original and unique images.

Try to improve your reputation by adding images that are creative and can attract visitors in hordes. Get the services of a professional photographer if your budget allows you to do so, and the results will be for anyone to be seen.

7. Personalization

Think about what you can offer in terms of design that can appeal to your customers. A personalized design based on their history and what they like will like to make things easier for them to grasp.

A well-designed and insightful report about the prospects of a product and how it can help a particular customer will make him jump with joy. Such personalization is unheard of in the industry.

The aspect mentioned above will require hard work from the design point of view, but the results will be amazing. Startups and small businesses can take advantage of this fact and have amazing results.

8. Simplification of Navigation and Menus

Ask yourself this simple question, and you will save much time and effort? Navigation must be easy and straightforward; else, if the customers cannot find the product or information about it easily, there is no need to come up with a website.

When it comes to menus, simple enough menus will make customers browse and search for anything without running frantically from pillar to post.

If the answer to any of the aspects mentioned above is negative, you need to make drastic changes in your design. Even small changes can yield good results in your favor.

If your websites can’t offer visitors the information they are looking for in a matter of seconds, then you need to think seriously about changing the design of your website. 

Over to you

What do you think can make a web design tick in the next year and for some time to come? The eight factors that I have mentioned here can make any website look authentic, professional, and offer features/facilities that can grab the eyeballs.

Want to add something to this list? Or having any query in your mind? Don’t be shy to speak up, and I will be happy to get back to you at my earliest. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.



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