5 Helpful Gadgets to Use during Pregnancy

Gadgets to Use during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the scariest and vital stage for a woman. The anxiety, the stress, and constant visits to the doctor to make sure that your baby is fine. Do you know that you could monitor your baby’s heartbeat, movements and contractions too? 

With the technology invention nowadays, there are electronic gadgets you could use to help you through this stage of your life. Before you spend your money on any gadget, find out if the manufacturer’s claims are valid and get the best gadgets for you and your baby. Below are some of the helpful gadgets that will help you through the journey with your unborn child.

1. A Bluebell Smart Monitoring System

Imagine for a moment if you could monitor your steps, heart rate, and sleep alongside your child’s. These new gadgets aren’t just for the baby; it helps the parents, especially the mother. You can use the wristband to check and prepare yourself for the special day.

In our opinion, you do not need to buy a lot of different gadgets; Bluebell offers you help during pregnancy, at birth, and afterward. Did you know most mothers suffer from sleep problems during pregnancy? The parent wristband helps monitor your sleep so that you may know what is disturbing your sleep.

We believe this is among the smart home gadgets that every pregnant mother should have. It offers you all the services and supports you may need during your pregnancy and lets you enjoy each day as it goes. It’s also worth finding out what other mothers are using by checking out some baby monitor reviews.

2. Angelsounds Fetal Doppler

Imagine what it would be like to hear your unborn baby’s heartbeat at the comfort of your home. Unlike then, when the only time you could listen to your child’s heartbeat was in a doctor’s office. We believe this gadget comes with all the requirements you need to start listening to your baby’s heartbeat and save you those endless trips to the doctor. 

The Angelsounds fetal Doppler comes with a recording cable, headphones, and an instruction manual. These items will help you start listening to your unborn child’s heartbeat as early as 14 weeks. Afterward, you can decide to record it in MP3 and listen later or share it with expectant grandparents. 

Like other baby Dopplers, these cool gadgets use Doppler ultrasound tech, which can send and receive sound waves. We believe you can use it even after the baby’s birth to record other family members’ voices then use it as a soothing song on the baby’s crib.

Listening to a Baby

3. Belly Buds

Are you wondering whether the baby will look like you or the father during your pregnancy? Will they have the same taste of music as you? Imagine this; there is a way you can inspire your unborn child to listen to your music. We believe babies can hear while in the womb, this is where the Bell Buds come in.

With the new tech gadgets, we believe you can even play your voice recordings to your baby. You can turn the volume to the highest, yet the Bell Buds will always ensure that the sound is safe for your baby. You can share the moment with your baby by using the earphone splitter. This is an essential gadget that will help you start bonding early with your unborn child.

In our opinion, you can also use the Belly Buds as fun gadgets. During family gatherings, you could record everyone’s voice and let the baby listen. It will help the unborn child familiarize themself with everyone’s voice. Thus easy for the baby to recognize if it’s “daddy” or “mommy.”

Health Tracking

4. Nausea Relieving Bio Bands

Nausea is part of every pregnancy; it is normal, but, at times, can be so irritating. Get these, Bio Bands can relieve you of nausea through acupressure. It may seem like just a bead on a band, but it works magic, it presses onto your wrist and drives away nausea.

The technology releases gentle pulses through your wrist to your brain. In return, signals travel to your stomach to restore the gastric rhythm, and nausea disappears. The gadget works in a way that your body does not get used to it but keeps working.

You will be waking up to joyous morning free of morning sickness, wondering where it went. Here is the best part; this band has absolutely no side effects because it has no chemicals. 

5. Bloomlife Gadget

Are you a first-time mom and wondering how contractions start or feel? Or are you a second -time mom and wondering if this contraction will be the same as the first? Well, we believe Bloomlife is among the must-have gadgets for all mothers. 

This gadget will help you track your contractions in your third trimester. This gadget times and measures contractions by picking electric signals from the uterine muscle. Bloomlife is safe as it doesn’t emit any radiation, and it uses Bluetooth to communicate through your iPhone or Android phone. 

With this gadget, you can freely go on your trips or journey without worrying because you have a way of monitoring your progress. You can also know when it is time for you to start your journey to the hospital or start packing that hospital bag.


The world has changed over the years; everything nowadays is done through technology. Though not everyone can get everything they need, these cool electronics will help make your pregnancy journey the easy and most memorable one. These gadgets and gears are built for the comfort and convenience to take care of you and your baby. 

These gadgets will help you down the road and prepare you for the journey. Be warned though, some of these electronics might have dangerous rays for your unborn child. Before buying any gadget that you feel you need, be sure to have proof of the manufacturer’s claims. Do you have any new gadgets you’re using during your pregnancy period? Let us know about them to help other mothers. 

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