How to Improve Vacuum Cleaner Performance: 5 Tips

Improve Vacuum Cleaner Performance

It is no doubt that vacuum cleaners have become a necessity for every household. Nowadays, it is not enough to keep your home clean just by dusting your furniture and carpet.

With the evolving world, there is a huge spike in pollution due to which a person has to go the extra mile to clean his home. The use of a vacuum cleaner is getting more than common than ever. It is effective and saves a lot of time as well as human power.

There are different types which include bagless, bagged, stick, and handheld, or wet and dry vacuum cleaners. If you were surfing the internet to improve your vacuum cleaner performance by some effective maintenance and tips then this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through five tips on how to improve vacuum cleaner performance.

Regularly Replace the Bag

Not replacing the bag regularly is one of the most common mistakes that a person commits. To maintain your vacuum cleaner, you need to replace the bag regularly. One should not wait for it to be full and should replace it whenever it reaches 2/3rd of its capacity. Whenever you realize that the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is not up to the mark then you surely need to replace the bag.

Attach the Bag Properly

Even if one replaces the bag regularly, some people don’t attach the bag properly. One of the main reasons behind this is the wide variety of types, brands, and models of a vacuum cleaner. One should make sure that the opening of the big is tightly placed on the nozzle. One should also crosscheck on holders, clips, and hooks. As sometimes the bag is not attached properly, the dust or debris won’t enter the bag and won’t even fill the vacuum cleaner hence failing the purpose of the vacuum cleaner.

Empty It Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Regularly

As compared to a bagged vacuum cleaner, one should not forget to empty the canister of bagless vacuum cleaners. It should not be done once in a while but it should be done at frequent intervals. This provides a place in the canister for the dust to move easily. One should see the amount of dust collected and should empty the canister before it is full.

Clean the Filters

If one has to improve the vacuum cleaner performance, then he should clean the filters regularly. This is the reason which causes the vacuum cleaner to function smoothly. These vac attachments should not be ignored and shall be replaced as well as cleaned in bagless vacuum cleaners at regular intervals.

Clean the Brushes

To make sure that the vacuum cleaner cleans properly one should not forget to clean vac attachments such as the brush. In the process of cleaning, sometimes threads or hairs are tangled in the brushes which make it quite difficult for it to function. One should untangle or cut hair or threads stuck on the brush roller for the brushes to work properly.


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