10 Best Mind Games for Your Children to Boost Thinking Capability

Best Mind Games for Your Children

Every parent wants their children to get involved in more productive and beneficial activities rather than letting them watch bizarre cartoon movies or shows. Asking your children to not watch television cannot be a reasonable request.

Children need something to keep themselves busy with and if they cannot find anything they get stuck watching television shows on repeat. It can be difficult for any parent to ask their children to indulge in more mind-stimulating activities and even the authoritative parents feel helpless in this situation however, it is very easy to get your children into utilizing their time in a more beneficial manner, the solution is simple, mind games.

You can come up with amazing fun mind games and activities which would help your children to learn new things and have strong problem-solving abilities. Especially in current times of pandemic it is necessary to spend time with your children and do not let them get bored of their routine so utilize the best solution of play learning which is games. 

Here is a list of engaging and interactive mind games which are just perfect for you and your children to have a good time together. 

1. Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Blocks is a really interactive way of letting your children express their creativity. It may be a very old and basic game but still children find it to be really fun and even you as a parent can enjoy this game with your little ones.

Buy any box or packs of building blocks and spread them in front of your child, let them express themselves, and build anything they like.

Many building blocks come with instructions and steps to build a house, some animals, vehicles,s, etc. Show those instructions to your child and ask them to build anything they like. It can help your children with spatial awareness and color recognition. 

2. Lumosity


Neuro-physical experts have designed this game. It has a total of 60 activities your children have to complete, and it tests the memory, reaction time, problem-solving, and attention of the child. It is a great game for optimal brain development. 

3. Sudoku


This game never gets old. Even now many magazines and newspapers post a piece of sudoku game. It can be played by anyone, and it is for all ages. It is a really good game for your children.

It has these grids in which some numbers are already present, and a few blocks are empty which you need to fill in, but each number cannot be repeated in the same column.

It may look simple and easy, but it can really be difficult and force your children to think which helps with their problem-solving skills. 

4. Board Games

Board Games

Games like monopoly, scrabble, and chess has been found to be very interactive and helpful for your child’s optimal development. You can indulge with your children and play with them. 

5. App Brain Fitness

App Brain Fitness

It is a mobile application that can be very addictive in a good manner. It has many interactive brain teasers and activities that your child can play and learn from. 

6. Guess the Code, Color Code and Master Mind

Guess the Code, Color Code and Master Mind

Color code and mastermind are similar games and have the same guidelines which are to let the player guess the right code by the hints given.

It requires your child to think and use logic into deciding the possible right answer from the information provided in the form of hints. It can keep your child engaged for a long time. 

7. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles are very interesting to play with, the satisfaction after completing the puzzle can really make the children happy. All of your family can join together to solve the puzzle and it can be a fun family game night.

Puzzles help your children with cognitive, motor, and problem-solving skills. They are ideal for all ages. Rubik cube, crosswords, etc. are all good examples for puzzle games. 

8. The Blue Block

The Blue Block

This is also an engaging application available for both iPhones and androids. It has a little harmless back story that can get your child’s attention. In this, your child would have to free the dragon by solving the blocks so that it can get freed. It has the use of simple logic, and your children would love to play it. 

9. Memory


This game is even recommended by play therapists and psychologists for your children which puts it in the high best mind games ranks. The main idea behind the game is to find similar pairs of flashcards on the same grid.

You can reveal a maximum of two cards simultaneously after that you hide the picture shown to them.

Only when the cars are identical you would show you the cards permanently. The catch is for your children to memorize the correct location of the cards. This game boosts and improves the memory, attentiveness, and focus of the children. 

10. Hunt the Words or Word Hunt

Word Hunt

This game is best for your child’s learning in an interactive manner and to better brain development. The children have to match the flashcards with the word that describes the picture in the flashcard perfectly.

Imroz Mansuri

Imroz Mansuri is a game director, entrepreneur, artist, and award recipient and is presently game director and creator of the windstar games. As a game director, he has worked on more than 75 games and contributed, including they have worked on multiple types of games. We are creating the games in many technology and we are best in a unity 3D game.


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