Sound Control Blanket Enclosures – Indoor and Outdoor Sound Management

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Sound blankets are used to create a sound barrier that absorbs sound and reduces noise. These sound barrier blankets, also known as sound barrier curtains, can be draped from portable frames, floor mounted frames, or connected to your ceiling to act as a sound barrier between machine noise and employees.

Unlike sound panel treatments, which target the path of sound waves reflecting inside a space, these noise reduction blanket systems target the source of the original sound and literally block the noise from entering the room.

Sound blankets and sound barrier curtains absorb sound in the same way that sandbags absorb water during flooding. The blankets are thick and weighted to prevent sound waves from going through. The core padding fiberglass combines with the density to absorb the energy that the core density is obstructing.

As a result, the sound blanket is a hybrid device that can filter directional noise while also absorbing reflected sound waves. Noise reduction curtains can be utilized in almost any industrial, commercial, or residential environment to reduce exposure to machine noise.

The blankets can be made to order in any size. To seal throughout the perimeter, it is recommended that the window cover be oversized. This would then close the gap between the window and the wall framing, which is where the majority of the leakage occurs.

Noise-canceling blankets can also be used as door covers. We’ll sew a vinyl patch into the blanket where the door handle is so that a simple slit can be cut into the patch and the door handle may pass through.

The noise reduction curtain’s main component is fiberglass batting insulation. This sound absorption material is typically 2′′ thick. The fiberglass batting absorbs up to 75% of the echoes that desire to bounce back off the curtain as the sound wave enters the curtain.

Furthermore, the blanket’s thin dense membrane lining, known as mass loaded vinyl, has a noise-deadening effect by preventing sound waves from entering through it. dB-Bloc is another name for this membrane. This membrane, which weights one pound per square foot, is the main reason the sound control blanket can isolate noise.

Every single sound blanket can be easily moved around at any time. There is almost no installation required, and they may be draped over specific regions in a matter of seconds.

As a result, they are not only detachable but also reusable. There is no long installation process, and individuals can get on with their day as soon as they position them in the proper location.

A sound blanket will almost certainly cost a little more than a conventional, store-bought blanket, but it is far from an expensive soundproofing solution.

The majority of individuals can obtain reasonably priced blankets, and bulk orders are also available to save money. They are also inexpensive and easy to shift around if soundproofing is only needed temporarily in a certain area.

This increases the value even further because you won’t have to spend additional money on something new if a new sound problem emerges.


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