How to Keep Your Phone Safe

Most people store large amounts of their personal information on their mobile phones, everything from bank details to log-in information.

With the advent of features like Apple Pay, hundreds of thousands of people now also use their phones to make payments.

However, with the increase in cyberattacks over recent years, there is an increasing concern over the security of the data stored in our mobile phones.

And it’s not only cyber safety that we need to take into account. We also need to consider the physical safety of our devices. Phones are can easily break if they’re dropped.

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On top of this, thousands of individuals get their phones stolen every year, further enhancing the need for mobile phone safety precautions.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to keep your phone safe, both physically and digitally.

Buy a Sturdy Case

Your phone case provides much-needed physical protection for your device in case you drop it. All iPhones are made with a glass finish on the back. Therefore, when they are dropped, they can shatter and break very easily. Buying yourself a sturdy case will ensure there is minimal damage to your phone when you drop it.

iPhone cases can also act as a fashion accessory. Lots of iPhone 12 Pro Cases come in all styles and colours so you can find a case that suits your aesthetic whilst also providing essential protection for your device.

Always Lock Your Phone

Make sure to always lock your phone if you are not using it. This protects the personal information or login details that are held within your phone from being accessed by other people.

It’s also a good idea to lock your phone in case it gets stolen. This way, the thief will not be able to unlock your phone and access your data, as long as you have a password-protected lock screen.

Use Strong Lock Screen Security

It’s imperative that you have strong security when it comes to unlocking your smartphone. Choose a password that can’t be guessed easily, even by your friends.

Most smartphones now offer multiple options to protect your lock screen. These include using a fingerprint, pin code, password, or facial recognition.

If you choose to use a password for your lock screen security, make sure to use one that contains a range of letters, numbers, and special characters.

Never Open Phishing Emails

Unfortunately, the amount of spam mail that we receive is on the rise. It seems like almost every day that we are having to empty our junk mail folder.

Many of these phishing emails pose as legitimate companies and contain a hyperlink. Never click on the links that are sent within these emails, as they often lead to malware being downloaded onto your device. Sometimes, these emails directly ask you to log in to a particular website or reset your password.

If you get an email that you think is legitimate, close your inbox and access the company’s website directly on your browser. There are many other ways that you can keep your mobile phone safe, both physically and digitally. However, if you follow the steps above, you have the basics covered when it comes to the safety of your device.


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