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Save Costs with High-Quality Mobile Recharge Card Printing

In 2019, the global number of mobile users hit 6.8 billion where at least two-thirds of them rely on prepaid plans and, in developing countries is mostly cash-based.

Even today, customers still prefer something more substantial and tangible than a receipt containing a PIN code to recharge. While they aren’t the most glamorous part of mobile technology, they still play an important role.

To lower costs, many operators are tempted to cut corners with low-cost recharge card printing. However, this results in customer complaints, the most common – PIN not visible 

Did you know that a free call to the telecoms operator’s help desk costs about US$1 to provide the service needed to sort out the consumer’s problem? This can add up to thousands of dollars.

A reliable recharge card manufacturer is one who ensures the security of the PIN and resilience to over scratch. Learn more from world number one scratch card manufacturer, Workz Group.

Mobile Recharge Card Printing

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