The Savvy Researcher’s Guide to Mobile Data Collection

Guide to Mobile Data Collection

Discover how you can use mobile technology can supercharge your data collection.

As we enter a new decade, an increasing number of researchers are turning to more innovative data collection tools and techniques. In this guide, we will look at how mobile data collection technology offers greater speed and efficiency over more traditional methods.

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A Quick Primer on Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection involves using mobile devices to gather qualitative and quantitative information. This technology rules out the need for data entry as information is recorded directly at the source and is then automatically analyzed. Mobile data collection tools often feature several additional functionalities that enable researchers to ask research questions, test hypotheses, evaluate results, and more.

Applications of Mobile Data Collection

Mobile data collection can be used to support a diverse range of business or research activities. Businesses use this technology to conduct audits, schedule jobs, and capture leads. Whereas researchers or academics tend to employ this tech for tasks such as gathering feedback and conducting surveys.

Find Out More

If you are keen to find out more about mobile data collection, then you should check out the below infographic from ERS IT Solutions. In addition to providing a basic overview of mobile data collection, this guide also lays out ten reasons why you should start using this tech today. It also includes some sample use cases and offers advice on how to select the best software for your needs. Scroll down to the infographic below to find out more today.

Savvy Researcher’s Guide to Mobile Data Collection

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