Buy Bitcoin with these Easy Tips

Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency. Between its launch in 2009 to 2021, bitcoin’s price increased by more than 540,000 percent. Crypto investments are high-risk gambles, but the profits are massive.

If you understand the rules of the crypto trading and investment game, you’re sure to earn great profits. Sadly, a higher risk is involved in buying bitcoins than trading them. Unscrupulous Bitcoin sellers and marketplaces can take advantage of your naivety. Here are easy tips to help you buy Bitcoin.

Trading Apps

You can buy and trade your bitcoins with trading apps such as Robinhood, Webull, and bitcoin motion. These systems don’t come with a direct commission but charge a spread markup. A look at the Bitcoin system review will give you an idea of how trading systems work.

You can buy your bitcoins to hold for short-term or long-term purposes. These apps offer real-time Bitcoin market tracking options, ensuring you can buy when the rates are favorable and sell when they’re higher. You can secure stock exchanges to make great profits from trades.

Financial Apps

Buying bitcoins is now possible with giant financial apps such as Venmo and PayPal. PayPal owns Venmo, so the functions and features are almost equal. The two financial applications charge you $0.5 for trades costing below $5. Trades higher than $200 but lower than $1000 cost 1.8 percent. The trades above $1000 will cost you 1.5 percent.

These applications charge spread markup on all the transactions you make. The good thing is you can hold your bitcoins on either of the others, and you won’t pay extra for the same. You can buy bitcoins valued at as low as $1 and trade them at your convenience. PayPal is also accepted in crypto markets and exchanges.

Bitcoin ATMs

The popularity of Bitcoin ATMs has increased recently. You simply need to enter a Bitcoin ATM and buy your preferred amount of bitcoins. Bitcoin ATMs connect to your debit card and Bitcoin wallet. You can buy and sell bitcoins from a Bitcoin ATM. ATMs charge higher commissions but offer a more real-life Bitcoin buying and selling experience. Download and install the best Bitcoin wallet on your mobile device.

Once you’re in the ATM location, click on the screen and verify your identification. On your downloaded Bitcoin wallet, click on the top to receive details of your Bitcoin wallet. Allow the ATM system to scan the QR code to verify the generated receiving address. Enter the number of bitcoins you want to buy and confirm your details.

Crypto Exchanges

Crypto exchanges are the most popular ways for traders and investors to buy Bitcoin. These exchanges provide the least all-in costs for trading your bitcoins. Cryptocurrency exchange systems won’t charge you on spread markups like other systems.

In other words, they won’t charge you hidden fees that are common with other methods outlined above. A crypto exchange provides wallets where you can store your bitcoins. But it’s good to understand that crypto exchanges aren’t all equal. The service quality, prices, and crypto options vary from one exchange to the other.

Traditional Brokers

Traditional brokers such as TradeStation and Interactive Brokers now offer traders and investors an option to buy the coins. The chargers are a bit higher as you may pay up to $10 per futures contract.

To trade your bitcoins, you’ll have to pay commissions ranging from 0.12 to 0.18 percent of the trade value. Multiple traditional brokers have ventured into bitcoins selling and buying. Understand your broker and their charges before you decide to go ahead with a purchase.

Before purchasing bitcoins, you want to know certain things. Find out if you will buy bitcoins directly or as a futures contract. Check the commissions and hidden charges the Bitcoin seller provides. Above everything else, make sure the Bitcoin seller has a secure system.

There have been cases of insecurity in the crypto space over the last few years. Do settle for a Bitcoin seller without researching their credibility and industry performance. You want a crypto player who takes investor data seriously and provides a safe trading experience. Online cryptosystem reviews and Bitcoin buyer testimonials can give you a clue on who to trust.


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