5 Most Beneficial IT Certifications to Kickstart Your IT Career in 2024

Beneficial IT Certifications

In the current, digital age, taking a career path directed toward Information Technology (IT) is a wise choice. The IT industry is a profitable, albeit saturated market.

Being a tech enthusiast doesn’t always suffice, and even after obtaining a university degree in IT, you might find yourself unable to get noticed by desired companies.

This occurs because the competition is extraordinarily tight due to the extreme popularity of this field. Thus, acquiring relevant IT certifications is bound to open more doors of opportunity.

In case you’re struggling to find certifications that would further your career, here is a list of six beneficial IT certifications. Hopefully, the list will help you discover the ones that could land you your dream job. 

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing has firmly established itself as an essential player in the IT world. This convenient technology has allowed for on-demand access to a variety of content and made it possible for streaming platforms to exist.

Thus, obtaining the Google Associate Cloud Engineer certificate can be an excellent start to a prosperous career. The exam you need to pass in order to acquire the certificate tests your overall ability to manage cloud-based solutions.

This pertains to creating cloud accounts and projects, as well as configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the cloud solution. There are no prerequisites to enter the exam, apart from the recommended six months of practical experience with Google Cloud. For that reason, this certification can be an effective solution for beginners who possess a strong desire to learn but have limited experience in this field.

Microsoft Azure Administrator

Becoming proficient in Microsoft Azure is another great choice when considering a career related to cloud computing. Taking into consideration that demand for skills with this platform is continually growing, getting a certificate for a Microsoft Azure Administrator can be a sound investment.

In order to receive the certificate, you need to display skills pertaining to Microsoft Azure, such as the capability to manage storage, virtual machines and virtual networks, and Azure resources.

Anyone can take the exam since Microsoft doesn’t impose any requirements for this particular certification. However, it’s advisable to gather at least six months of hands-on experience in Microsoft Azure.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Cloud architecture is another sought-after profession in the world of IT. One way to get started in this field is by passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. To be eligible for taking the exam, you need a minimum of one year of practical experience working with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The candidate is required to possess general knowledge about different aspects of AWS and be able to use both the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) and AWS Management Console.

Considering that you don’t need a hefty amount of experience, this is another solid option for those at the beginning of their career. There are courses for AWS certification offered by AWS partners and taught by authorized AWS instructors that can aid you in preparation for the test.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Since IT professionals specializing in cybersecurity are in high demand, a certificate that testifies you are knowledgeable in this aspect of IT is a valuable asset. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a highly regarded cybersecurity-related certification provided by (ISC)2.

However, there is a prerequisite you need to fulfill to be able to sit the exam. It includes having at least five years of work experience related to a minimum of two CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) domains. One year of experience can be substituted by either a Bachelor’s degree or one of the credentials from the (ISC)² approved list.

Docker Certified Associate (DCA)

Obtaining a Docker Certified Associate (DCA) certificate is an excellent choice for those interested in app development. The exam tests the candidate’s ability to create images, and skills related to installation and configuration using Docker, among other things.

The good news is that this is yet another certificate that can be obtained without being armed with extensive experience prior to entering the exam. There are no set requirements, only a recommendation to have used Docker for at least six months. 

In Conclusion

There is an abundance of IT certifications that can be a valuable asset to those seeking to find a job in the IT sector. All the certifications listed in this article can help you stand out to potential employers. It’s up to you to determine which ones are best suited for your plans and goals.

Given that taking these exams is costly, it’s worth taking time to research and contemplate different options before taking that leap. By Mike Johnston


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