Is Technology Impacting Workplace Mental Health?

The Technology Industry

Living with the novel coronavirus in this era is easy for some people and difficult for others at the same time.

According to my observation, people who are already introverts are enjoying the remote-work lifestyle and lockdown situations, whereas extroverts are more reluctant to adjust in this scenario.

Similarly, suppose you pinpoint the overall health of an individual as an employee in this working situation.

In that case, you cannot say everyone has a nasty or negative impact of this remote work lifestyle on their health.

Instead of this, some people are living more healthy life during this pandemic, and some harm their health. You can avail of online medicine delivery services during this pandemic if you need any medicine.

It was considered a stigma to work remotely or work from home in many sectors. But this concept was emerging among America’s white-collar employees before the COVID-19 pandemic. And the pandemic has proved that people can work remotely with the same efficiency as they do in the office environment.

Now the question arises technology and working from home impacting workplace mental and physical health?

The answer is somewhat complex. But let’s assume the workplace is not remote and people are using technology in their workplace. Here are some of the points that are proved by specific surveys and reports;

Digital Resources and Mental health:

Many employers are offering mental health services to their employees through which the employees can consult health specialists, who can help them maintain their mental wellbeing. These digital resources are in video counselling sessions, phone calls, Q/A platforms, or through different Apps.

So, technology is helping the employee to track his mental health in coordination with the mental health specialists.

Time Management With Technology:

The most crucial factor that stresses any employee is time management. Many workers are always trying to manage their time to complete the tasks and want to maintain a work-life balance in the workplace.

Technology helps in tracking the time and completing the tasks in the given time slot. Many Apps and software provide guidance and time management skills that are helpful for workers to complete their jobs in a given time slot. This impacts workers’ mental health as they feel more relaxed and well organized in managing their tasks.

Work-Life Balance With Technology:

The dilemma of most workplace or office jobs is the unavailability of work-life balance. This has a terrible impact on employee’s mental health. So, with the help of technology, workers are working more efficiently and can maintain their work-life balance that was unavailable in conventional office setups.

Physical Health and Mental Health:

A healthy body has a healthy mind. So if you are physically active and fit, your mental state will also remain calm. Many workplaces provide gym and sports club facilities to keep their employee active and healthy. Technology helps people to track their fitness with simple tracking apps, fitness bands and other wearables.

Negative Impact Of Technology  On Mental Health:

Everything has some harmful effects also if not correctly used. Technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time. But it depends on you and your employer that how you are using the technology.

If you overburden your employee with work or ask them to stay connected 24/7, this will badly affect an employee’s mental health.

Everyone needs a break, and technology is creating an environment that keeps you connected 24/7. So it can be harmful to you if you check your mobile phone for your tasks from waking up in the morning till in the bed at night.

Technology has also made the world a global village. Every news and report is at your fingertips. Sometimes overexposure is like too much information to absorb. And it is not suitable for your mental health.

Bottom line:

The concept of work-life balance is essential in the case of technology also. You should schedule your day and divide your tasks accordingly. Try to limit your mobile and other technology uses in a day.

Living a disciplined life is essential in this scenario. You should give time to your family, read a good book, walk in a park and have a cup of coffee without thinking about your work-related tasks or seeing your mobile phone!


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