Technology Solutions; 4 Must-Haves for Any Cannabis Retailer

Technology Has Changed Life

We all know that the plant that was once classified as an illegal drug is now racking up almost a 200$ billion-dollar industry. It shows no signs of stopping and is projected to almost double up in the next ten years.

This is why a ton of people are taking up various business opportunities in the marijuana sector. It is important to use technology to your advantage in such a business. There are so many tasks that can be automated to make more time for things that are of utmost priority.

This will also help in keeping your employees free from more critical tasks. Here are some of the must-have technologies for your dispensary.

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You will never be able to scale your business if you do not widen your reach towards your customers. A lot of retail shops have made up their eCommerce platforms so that they can do more business. The cannabis purchasing behavior of consumers is shifting towards online sales. Giving out online menus and providing the option of online ordering for either pickup or in-store can help your business. You can even try for delivery if the rules in your area allow it.

Security System

It is important to always think one step ahead and to protect your business. This is not only a smart move, it is also quite essential. Strong security is important in many cannabis legal stores.

Get security that will help you monitor both the interiors and exteriors, help protect your employees and customers, and even safeguard your inventory and products. A security system will also enable you to lock up in a foolproof manner at the end of the day so that no one without a security code can enter the building.

A Point of Sale System

As with any other business, it is important to have a point-of-sale system even in the cannabis industry. It will help you with a multitude of things such as inventory management, check-in, the whole transaction process, and full connectivity to your system from all places.

It will even help you appeal to your target demographic and help your brand stand out. Integration in a point-of-sale system is extremely crucial and will help you automate many more tasks. 


You must manage all revenue, expenses, and capital assets for your store. The size of your business doesn’t matter, you always have to keep on top of your accounts. It is important to use accounting software that can make life easier for you.

It will enable you to easily manage cash flow, create balance sheets, pay your bills on time, keep a note of all invoices that are still outstanding, and will also let you create P&Ls. You will not have to rely on a spreadsheet anymore.

It is important to use technology to enhance your business. Use these four technology solutions to boost your cannabis business.


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