Top 6 Types of IT Support in Dublin You Must Stay Aware of

Types of IT Support

In today’s scenario, hardly any industry overlooks relying on Information Technology to carry out its operations.

Whether production, marketing, or customer service, each needs solid IT Support in Dublin to complete their job. But have you ever thought, how high-quality IT services have become so accessible for every enterprise out ther

? Well, Cloud Computing is the major player in this achievement. Because of the advancement in web-based technology, most in-house IT systems are getting replaced by online IT support services.

For example, remote backup services are getting used more than multiple data centres, and seasoned IT technicians are fixing the issues from hundreds of kilometres away from the job site. 

All in all, you must make the most of custom IT Support in Dublin if you want to lower your operational expenses, save precious time, and improve your organizational efficiency through 24×7 technical assistance. It doesn’t matter whether you are a single-employee start-up or a global enterprise.

One of the best ways you can adopt to reduce your downtime and increase your uptime is by hiring a reliable third-party IT support provider in Ireland. 

With that over, it’s time to dig into the details of various types of IT support services in Dublin you might not know about:

What are the Different Types of IT Support Services in Ireland?

1. Business Technology Services

Offering technical support to various organizations on different levels comes under the head of Business Technology Services. You can receive such services on L1, L2, and L3 level support ranging from rudimentary supervision to in-depth monitoring and problem prevention. 

In general, business technology services include:

  • Hardware and Software Support 
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Maintenance and Enhancement of IT Systems
  • Client System Incident Management
  • Business Administration Consulting

2. Network Support Services

Another most sought-after IT support service in Dublin is the Network Support Service. It involves several processes, from planning the design of the network to its implementation, maintenance, and up-gradation. So, the IT service provider you want to collaborate with must look after all aspects of your network to ensure a better user experience.

If required, you can also ask them to provide separate accessibilities like employee access, management access, wireless access, and many more based on your organizational needs. 

3. Virtualization Services

You can perceive Virtualization Services as an umbrella term that involves scores of tasks to minimize your operational costs and help you save massive money. In short, Server Consolidation is only virtualization.

If you don’t know what that means, we must say server consolidation is the process of migrating network services and applications from myriads of computers to just one. 

Bear in mind; this consolidation could include the shift from several physical or virtual computers to one host computer. By doing this, your IT service provider will enable your servers to interact with each other using less power and optimized resources.

It will benefit you in two ways – first, help your work get done faster; second, ensure that fewer resources get used throughout the process. 

4. Remote Cloud Backup Solutions

Do you know that the newer backup solutions are far better than conventional ones? How? If you store your crucial data in a remote cloud, it will help you keep confidential business information entirely safe and secure. What’s more?

You won’t have to stay concerned about the risk of losing your valuable data if data centres, storage devices, or even your computer gets corrupted for any reason. Above all, your personnel can access the data from wherever they are and do their work even when they are offsite. 

5. Security Solutions

It will help if you do not forget that it is essential for every company to adopt the best security standards to ensure no information leaks, business losses, and bad reputation acquisition occurs.

Since hackers and phishers around us follow and observe each of our steps closely and secretly, it is “extremely” necessary to protect your business systems from them by teaming up with a premier IT support service provider in Dublin. 

In the security service package, you could also find:

  1. Helpdesk services 
  2. Desktop services 
  3. Print services 
  4. Personal cloud deployment 
  5. And many more 

6. Data Processing and Migration

Since shifting the whole business system to the cloud is a challenging and extensive task, you must work with an IT support provider that ensures the migration takes the least possible time. This way, you can restart your production as soon as possible.

However, it is wise not to forget that your entire data migration process could take days or even weeks based on its volume and complexity. Ok? 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you are now well-informed about multiple types of IT support services provided by third-party companies in Ireland.

So, if you want to avail of these services for your establishment, stop delaying any more and give a quick ring to the organization-driven IT support company in Dublin.


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