Mobile App Developer

Most Addictive Mobile Games Apps

November 28, 2020 TechPrate 0

Mobile games have become very popular in recent times. The reason for this is the improvement in the user interface, game speed, graphics, and other technological advancements. There are different types of mobile games available, some for fun, and others […]

Essential Design Tools

Essential Design Tools for Freelance Designers

November 20, 2020 TechPrate 0

Most graphic designers who have mastered the art of graphic designing choose to go solo in freelancing. They believe they can progress individually and become their distinct brand by making a name for themselves. But a freelancer’s job is not […]

XNSPY for Android

XNSPY Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

November 20, 2020 TechPrate 0

In this digital world, most of our lives revolve around our smartphones. No one can deny the benefits of technology, but it does have its downsides as well. The online world has become a place where you can’t leave your […]

Managed IT Services Excel Your Business

10 Features of Resource Management Software

November 6, 2020 TechPrate 0

Resource Management software plays a significant role in managing resources efficiently and helps to accomplish the tasks with minimum resources. In the business world, it is not simple. Resource management software demands the understanding of your goals and helps to […]

Speech Therapy Apps

10 Best Speech Therapy Apps in 2020-21

October 21, 2020 TechPrate 0

2020 was a roller-coaster ride! Apart from the pandemic, there were deadly bushfires and severe earthquakes that wracked the world economy and politics. But looking at the bad things only is simply unfair. 2020 also gave us the chance to […]