50 100% Free SEO Tools

SEO is evolving so fast and frequently because of new policy and rules brought by search engines like Google and Bing etc.

SEO carries a number of practices that one needs to execute continuously to ensure your website does not lose out in the competition.

Best SEO tools are important to check your website’s performance in search engine’s rankings and also health.

Nowadays, there are a number of SEO tools available free and paid which makes your job easy and your complex and longer tasks get completed in less time. They also indicate where your websites need correction or enhancements

We have included 100% free SEO tools. They are as follows:

1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Page loading speed is the most important factor for any website. Ideally, any website should load within 3 seconds.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Good site speed leads to a high ranking and also helps to retain users.

It is a free tool checking the speed of websites and suggests improvements.

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2. Ubersuggest: Free SEO Tool

Ubersuggest is a free keyword finder and SEO checker tool. Its premium SEO tools charge good amounts from their users.

It benefits you to identify different keywords and shows ranking of websites. Different metrics like keyword search volume, competition,CPC.

3. Google Analytics

The Google search engine is the best choice for us who look to increase their online presence.

Around 75-85% traffic happens on Google and Google Analytics platform is a free dashboard giving access to Google services like Search Console and Data studio and google search settings. It also helps to track Google Adwords account.

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4. Keywords Everywhere: SEO Keyword Tool

It is another good SEO chrome extension and it gives different data from other SEO tools like Search Console, Google Trends, Google Analytics and gives you a list of good keywords that can rank high.

5. Search Console

You can not do SEO today without data provided by this. You can rely on this information to the best. It provides information on how Google crawls and ranks your website. Search console allows you to download 1000 rows. Search Console Data explorer allows downloading upto 25000 rows.

6. KeywordTool

Keywordtool.io is a free and wonderful keyword tool which helps you to do keyword research in fast and convincing way. It gives different keyword ideas.

It can be used for Google, Bing, Youtube.

7. Woorank

It is a free tool which analyzes websites and it also comes in extension form. It analyzes websites and generates SEO reports quickly.

8. Rank Math

This wordpress SEO plugin for writing content which is SEO friendly and it is a good competitor for Yoast SEO plugin for wordpress in 2021.

Rank Math

It optimizes the website content and helps to give good competition to your other competitor websites.

9. Moz Local Listing Score

Moz takes data from different sources including Gogle,Facebook and Yelp to score your brick and mortar business on how it looks online. Results also show items to fix for listings.

10. Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing also gets a lot of traffic as it gets 2nd rank after Google. So when you are working on improving your website, also, you need to focus on Bing. One of the best free tools to increase Bing SEO is Bing Webmaster Tools. This application has an insightful dashboard, report configuration to track SEO results over time.

11. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner caters to the people who use Google Ads. In general, SEO people use it as a free standalone tool for SEO keyword planning.

Ahref’s Backlink Checker’s free version gives top 100 backlinks to any website or URL along with a number of backlinks and domains, rating of domain (DR), and URL Rating (UR) where applicable.

13. Google My Business

Good SEO does not forget the significance of local SEO. SEO guy using the Google Adwords platform use the free Google My Business tool.

You can use this tool to claim your Google search business listing, edit your listing information in real time.You can also interact with users directly from Google. You need to claim your Google Business profile to do other functions.

14. Keyword Hero

Keyword Hero, is tool which helps to get an idea on how much traffic and conversion you get from your intended target keyword. It helps to optimize content on your landing pages, drive traffic, conversion and revenue from the organic channel.

15. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic checks posts on blogs, social media, and different forums for questions that people ask. It modifies those questions into keywords and offers keyword planning for your business. This free tool helps to identify famous questions around keywords.

Google Trends shares with us the popularity of any topic over a period of time. You can use such trending topics and

It is a useful free tool which can identify broken or invalid links.The plugin quickly analyzes the page you visit and gives broken or invalid links.

18. Checkbot

It helps to fix broken links, remove duplicate pages and create readable URLs, avoid temporary redirects. It also checks each page title has a unique different name. It also helps to fix issues so the speed of websites can be increased.

19. Chrome DevTools

They allow you to do research about your competitors, check ranking in different regions. It also allows you to test your website on different devices with different screen resolutions.

Autocomplete and related searches features are good tools for SEO. The SEO team use this method for keyword research or when they look for new content ideas. You get all kind of information from just typing a keyword in Google.

21. AlsoAsked.com

AlsoAsked.com website uses Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) boxes and scraps questions from it. You can use subtopics and questions which can be good to cover in your article.

22. SERPSim

SERPSim gives how your particular web page can look like in Google’ search results. So, enter your proposed title, meta description and URL and get how your page looks like.

23. Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator

Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator produces structured data markup in JSON-LD format. So, you need to choose the type of schema markup which you need to generate, fill the form, and copy, paste the generated markup onto your site.

24. Mozcast

Mozcast identifies changes to Google’s search algorithm. This tracking of the changes helps you to get best SERPs

25. Redirect Path

Redirect Path Chrome extension flags 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP Status Codes. Also, redirect issues can also be identified and fixed with this tool.

26. Beam Us Up

It tells the ways in which your website is behind in SEO best practices and gives you a chance to take corrective measures.You can also filter data and extract the data.

This chrome plugin helps you to ensure that all link redirects are leading people and crawlers

You wish to go

28. Panguin Tool

This wonderful tools shows your search traffic with known changes done to Google search algorithm. So, if you find a dip with an update, you can check and rectify it..

29. Screaming Frog

This tool crawls your website for SEO errors. It finds out HTTP headers errors, duplicate content, excess HTML etc.

30. SEOlyzer

This is a tool to give you SEO log analysis. This data is in real time and page categorization.

31. Screaming Frog Log File Analyzer

You need to upload log files to this tool and it tells you search engine bots, URLs being crawled

32. Quick Click Website Audit

This extension links to many most used online SEO tools. When you click link, it gives all current pages URL and feeds to the tool you select so you need not to copy. It saves your good time.

33. Xenu

This tool is a crawler providing basic site audits and also searches broken link and other suspects.

34. Where Goes?

It tracks URLs redirected and shortened links with Where Goes?.

It is chrome extension crawling your website and identifying status codes for each link on the page including broken links.

36. Robots.txt Generator

This generates robots.txt files instantly so search engines know what to crawl in your websites.

37. Scraper

It is a chrome extension allowing you to scrape data from any web page from Search results.

38. XML Sitemaps

You can create a sitemap of up to 500 pages without registration and you can download it as xml file.

39. Hreflang Tag Generator

This tool helps to generate Hreflang tags so Google knows which language particular pages there to check.

40. Wordable.io

Using this tool, you can put your Google docs into wordpress without changing formatting with less code.

41. Keyworddit

This another tool also helps in finding keywords ideas. This sources keywords from subreddits on Reddit and provides context.

42. Keyword Surfer

This gives you search volume, word count and number of keywords for top ranking pages in Google Search results.

43. CanIRank

It helps you find out if you can rank on the first page of search engines for a particular keyword.

44. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics will disclose topics that can become popularly searched before they searched heavily.

45. Keys4Up

With this tool, you can get related keywords for any search.

46. Disavow Tool

This tool allows you to free your websites from toxic backlinks.

47. KWFinder

KWFinder helps to find long-tail keywords.

48. SendPulse

SendPulse helps to configure chains of emails, notifications, and SMS messages based on different actions of users, variables, or events.


This is the speed test tool. You can enter the URL and get the speed. It gives loading times of different components.

50. Mobile-Friendly Test

You can test your website’s mobile-friendliness with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing tool.