PC Performance

5 Viruses that are Really Dangerous for Your PC

April 13, 2021 TechPrate 0

For starters, a computer virus is a meticulously created computer code designed to be contagious from one device to many others. They most likely permanently damage a device or steal valuable information, technologically termed as data. Not that different from […]

PPC for Online Marketing

How to Edit Running PPC Ads

April 1, 2021 TechPrate 0

Install Editor Tool – Ad Managing Tool A wonderful tool that helps to save your time and drastically improves your work done before. A very simple downloadable application used to manage your PPC ad campaigning – online or offline. Very […]

Cloud Security System

8 Benefits of a Cloud Security System?

March 30, 2021 TechPrate 0

Cloud Computing services are growing at an exponential rate in the present times. It delivers and enables scalable, expandable software services through the internet. It supports collaboration efficiently, provides the flexibility of work practices, and gives access to automatic updates. […]

Tech Issues

5 Reasons SMBs Must Welcome VDI Technology

March 24, 2021 TechPrate 0

When the first computer was invented in the 1940s, it opened new doors for technological progression. A few decades later, it became the blood and bone of this modern digital world. However, today’s generation requires more than a traditional desktop. […]