Social Media Marketing

10 Steps How to Get Into Social Media Marketing

July 7, 2020 TechPrate 0

When we are talking about social media agency Dubai and other social media marketing techniques that help to grow your business, The thing that most people does is they don’t engage with their audience while having a business, nowadays it’s […]

Download Facebook Lite for PC

How to Download Facebook Lite on PC?

June 17, 2020 TechPrate 0

Hello, are you looking to download Facebook lite for pc? Then you are into the right place because here I discussed how to download Facebook lite for pc. In this article, I share a total of two methods to download […]

Facebook Marketing Tips

10 Powerful Facebook Marketing Tips

May 28, 2020 TechPrate 0

In the era of digitalization, the marketing prowess of social media is probably the best way for businesses to grow themselves. Facebook is one of the biggest players in this field. It is comparatively old, trusted, and immensely popular. The […]

Social Media Boost Brand

How Can Social Media Boost your Brand

May 10, 2020 TechPrate 0

If you’re like other marketers and business owners, you know the estimation of social media. It’s a safe bet that your target audience hangs out on at least one platform, and there are plenty of incredible chances to develop your business right from […]

Know About Twitter

10 Things only Experts Know About Twitter

April 14, 2020 TechPrate 0

Twitter is an America based social networking site on which a user interacts with others through posting messages called ‘tweets.’ A lot of people have gained fame and followers through this platform. It has also become a trusted source of […]

Key Social Media Trends

Key Social Media Trends in the Year 2020

March 26, 2020 TechPrate 0

Currently, over 2.65 billion people are embarking their presence over the social media platform. Witnessing the range of services, several organizations are implementing the usage of social media in their business ploy. No doubt, social media has become an important […]