The 30+ Best Tech Blogs

Are you looking for searching for the best tech blog in 2024? then your search ends here.

We have listed the top 50+ tech blogs that will keep you ahead in the world of tech & digital news, trends, etc.

As you know there are multiple new technology news and digital trends every day, so by following these high-quality technology blogs you can get to know the latest technology news.

These are the best tech blogs that help users to keep themselves updated with relevant and useful tech and digital information.

Let’s dive in!

Be in the Trend with these 50+ Tech Blog

Almost every professional in any industry has problems in getting the most relevant and updated tech trends and news. There is the only way to keep you updated is by getting useful technology information available online.

So, at this point to sink yourself with the latest technology development you need to read blogs from the industry experts who are responsible to make quality information available online.

Have a look at the best technology blogs!

  • Founder: Louis Rossetto, Jane Metcalfe
  • Year Started: 1993
  • Domain Authority: 94
  • Official Website:

Wired is one of the most popular publications of good and real-time technology trends and news in the tech world.

This is perfect for anyone to follow to get the latest information on technology, science, politics, social media, entertainment, and many more.


  • Founder: Michael Arrington, Keith Teare
  • Year Started: 2005
  • Domain Authority: 94
  • Official Website:

One of the most popular technology blogs that offer you tech world and business news and trends. You will find the content related to tech, business, analysis, and the latest trends in the technology field.

This also publishes about startups and business funding rounds.


TechPrate is one of the growing technology blogs in the industry. Here you will find information on the latest tech and digital trends. Also, information on the computer, business, gadgets, etc.

#4 Recode

#5 Mashable

  • Founder: Pete Cashmoreg
  • Year Started: 2005
  • Domain Authority: 93
  • Official Website:


  • Founder: Halsey Minor, Shelby Bonnie
  • Year Started: 1994
  • Domain Authority: 93
  • Official Website:


  • Founder: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, Marty Moe
  • Year Started: 2011
  • Domain Authority: 92
  • Official Website:


  • Founder: Rob Malda, Jeff Bates
  • Year Started: 1997
  • Domain Authority: 90
  • Official Website:


  • Founder: Pete Rojas
  • Year Started: 2001
  • Domain Authority: 90
  • Official Website:








#18. Ars Technica

Ars Technica

#19 BGR

  • Founder: Geller spun
  • Year Started: 2006
  • Domain Authority: 90
  • Official Website:

#20 ZDNet


#21 9to5Mac

  • Founder: Seth Weintraub
  • Year Started: 2007
  • Domain Authority: 91
  • Official Website:

#22 Apple Insider

Apple Insider

#23 TechRepublic


#24 Hacker Noon

Hacker Noon

#25 GeekWire


#26 Android Authority

#27 Android Central

Android Central

#28 TechSpot


#28 Macworld


#30 SlashGear


#31 Computer World

Computer World