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AML Compliance

AML Compliance: 3 Reasons Why Banks Need It?

A report of the united nations office on drugs and crime found in research that the average amount of money laundered is 2% to 5% of global GDP annually. The banks are one of the most common victims of money laundering due to the business model of this sector which …


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Real Estate and SEO

Real Estate and SEO Approaches to Increase Leads and Sales

As you know digital marketing and homebuyer exclusion advance and grow, so too must your real estate marketing planning. When you thinking to buy home consider the real estate website best source to get information about it. In fact, 45% of home buyers start their home online search. But let’s …

SEO & JavaScript: 6 Things You Need to Know

Project Management Tips for Content Marketing Managers


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Budget Gaming Phones/Smartphones

Best Budget Gaming Phones in 2019

The invention of the mobile phone has completely changed the way we live and work in multiple ways. It has enabled common people to accomplish spectacular tasks with ease and precision. The mobiles can virtually perform a long list of functions which could not have been done in the past …

How to Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy A8?

Mobile Learning Platform for Remote Employees


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Tech Gadgets & Efficient Laptop

Top 10 Tech Gadgets That Everyone Needs in 2019

We are living in the digital era where new technologies are coming up with innovations which makes our life easier. There are a handful of tech accessories and tech gadgets that we mandatorily need in our life irrespective of money. Here are the TechPrate’s top 10 tech gadgets that everyone …

The Best Innovative Power Banks

What Does it Mean When Hp Printer is Offline

The Best Smart Home Security and Trends in 2019


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Online Video Editing Applications

The Best Desktop and Online Video Editing Applications

Video editing is the necessary process by which we can cut scenes, rearrange them, add effects, and generally bring the video to our fingertips. Here’s what are the best free and paid video editing apps for beginners and advanced. In recent years the internet has been filled with aspiring YouTubers …

How to Make Your Visual Contents with Online Tools

Best Tools to get started with WordPress Development

How to Install Hidden Android Spyware

The Best Travel Apps for NonRev Staff Travelers

Social Media

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Displaying Live Social Feeds

Why Displaying Live Social Feeds on Screen is the Next Big Thing for Events

People usually attend events to get their mind off of their daily and monotonous life. Being event organisers and managers, you aim to meet their expectations of something exhilarating with your events to make your event successful and distinctive. With new technologies and ideas created every day, everybody has something …