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Hosted Phone System for Your Business

5 Reasons to Use Hosted Phone System for Your Business

Over the last ten years, companies have increasingly embraced forms of communication that do not involve the desktop telephone. At many businesses, emailing, texting, and Skyping have eliminated the need to dial up a phone number. Most businesses today use a hosted phone system and take their level of telecommunication …


What does it Take to Start an Ecommerce Website?

Logos in the Fashion Industry

Logos in the Fashion Industry

Best Shopping Hubs in Jaipur

List of Best Shopping Hubs on Your Tour to Jaipur

iPad POS System


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Tips to Create Customer Testimonials

Tips to Create Customer Testimonials Using Video

Customer testimonials have a very realistic vibe. Today, the market is saturated with all kinds of advertisements and hence companies keep trying to come up with new ideas. A customer testimonial video is a video advertisement of a regular customer who describes his positive experience with your product. Other customers …

Reasons Why We Need a Responsive Web Design

A Piece of Advice on Software Development Life Cycle


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Importance of iPads

The Importance of iPads in the Corporate World

iPads are at the center of the entertainment industry but their application can be seen in a number of corporate sectors as well. The purpose of the high performing Apple iPad was to connect people from all over the world. This was achieved through social media, emails, and apps and …

Best Budget Gaming Phones in 2019

How to Recover Deleted Data From Samsung Galaxy A8?

Mobile Learning Platform for Remote Employees


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Tech Gadgets & Efficient Laptop

Top 10 Tech Gadgets That Everyone Needs in 2019

We are living in the digital era where new technologies are coming up with innovations that make our life easier. There are a handful of tech accessories and tech gadgets that we mandatorily need in our life irrespective of money. Here are the TechPrate’s top 10 tech gadgets that everyone …

The Best Innovative Power Banks

What Does it Mean When Hp Printer is Offline

The Best Smart Home Security and Trends in 2019


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Recover Data from Android Phone

6 Solutions to Fixing Error Process System Isn’t Responding

Till now, I notice many Android users have reported they encountered an error message saying the Process system isn’t responding, and they would spend time waiting for the process or quit. This issue bothers people frequently. How to solve it? In fact, this error is commonly seen on almost any kind …

How to Make Your Visual Contents with Online Tools

Social Media

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Displaying Live Social Feeds

Why Displaying Live Social Feeds on Screen is the Next Big Thing for Events

People usually attend events to get their mind off of their daily and monotonous life. Being event organisers and managers, you aim to meet their expectations of something exhilarating with your events to make your event successful and distinctive. With new technologies and ideas created every day, everybody has something …