VFD and Servo Drives

What are the Differences Between VFD and Servo Drives?

November 30, 2020 TechPrate 0

Servo systems are currently known for their utilization in CNC machining, advanced robotics, and plant automation. The servo innovation is additionally extended with the assembling of servo drives, utilized for controlling electric servomechanisms. Despite being a fantastic choice for industry […]

What is Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging? A Detailed Guide

October 31, 2020 TechPrate 0

Thermal imaging systems and NCITs (non-contact infrared thermometers) utilize various infrared innovation types to measure temperature. Objects around us emit heat somewhat, and that heat comprises extended frequency infrared radiation that the natural eye can’t see. Thermal imaging utilizes a […]

Best UPS available in the Market

10 Best UPS available in the Market

September 17, 2020 TechPrate 0

This is in such a case that there’s a power cut – even a concise one – the loss of power can be calamitous. Files and servers could get inaccessible – or much more terrible, defiled – by an unexpected […]

Wireless Earbuds

What to Look for in Your Wireless Earbuds

August 19, 2020 TechPrate 0

Wireless earphones or earbuds are incredibly popular these days and for a good reason. Every big headphone manufacturer is jumping on the wireless bandwagon for its popularity and acceptance in the market. However, not all products are the same and […]