Payday Loans

4 Things to Know About Payday Loans

July 4, 2020 TechPrate 0

Overcome Money Shortage in Crunch Situations There are times such as when you rearrange your home and find that you need a small sum of money to tide things over. Or, your car breaks down and the mechanic says he […]

Cloud Telephony: Modern Way of Marketing Business

8 Ways to Prepare Your Business for Remote Working

June 30, 2020 TechPrate 0

Businesses were always looking for new methodologies to optimize their budget while still keeping their growth rate up. Remote Working is one method that, if implemented properly, can help offices save considerable infrastructural costs. Work-from-home has been a common practice […]

Starting an Online Business

5 Benefits of Real-Time Asset Tracking

June 15, 2020 TechPrate 0

No industry relies on the businesses alone. There are certain things like security and the transportation cost that needs to be dealt with and the moving parts are too many for some items. Many technologies are available playing a greater […]

Raspberry Pi Robots

A Raspberry Pi Robot That Can Read Human Emotions

June 10, 2020 TechPrate 0

The unusual and unique robot has been launched in the market by researchers to help detect human feelings. They have integrated emotional intelligence into robots to read human emotions. They call it EmpathyBot. They have developed a Raspberry Pi robot […]

COVID-19 Affected Education System

How COVID-19 Affected Education System

May 31, 2020 TechPrate 0

The pandemic has caused a rippling effect all across the globe. Many businesses had to shut down, which has led to a massive economical loss for countries around the world. Undeniably, COVID-19 has affected all industries and the education industry […]

Cloud Telephony: Modern Way of Marketing Business

Cloud Telephony: Modern Way of Marketing Business

May 23, 2020 TechPrate 0

As small businesses and large enterprises embrace innovative cloud technology, there is more than one way in which it is making an impact. Besides cloud-based apps and storage solutions, cloud telephony is coming ahead as a key differentiator. The potential […]