Types of Computer: Different Uses & Functions 2024

Types of Computer

The computer is a type of machine that carries out commands automatically using computer programming in sequences of arithmetic or logical operations.

The computer can be also defined as an electronic device that manipulates data, or information.

A computer has the ability to store and process data and information. It (Types of computer) can be used to type documents, play games, send an email, share information, and browse the web, and so on. Also, spreadsheets, presentations, videos can be edited using a computer.

Computer systems include the hardware, main software (operating system), and other required peripheral, the full operation is called a computer system.

The term ‘computer network’ or ‘computer cluster’ is referred to a group of computers (Types of computers) that are connected and work together.

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Types of Computer – Classification by Purpose

Microcomputers (Personal Computers)

Microcomputers are the most famous type of computer in the 20th century across the globe. The ‘microcomputer’ was introduced with the system based on the single-chip process, that is why is it called a microcomputer.

The most famous computer was the ‘Altair 8800’ introduces in the year 1975. The term microcomputer becomes very famous during the time.

Examples of Microcomputers

  • Desktop Computers: It is a kind of computer that was used and kept under the table. This includes a CPU, monitor, pointer device and etc.
  • Rackmount Computers: This is a space-optimized and flat computer that can be accessed remotely with a KVM switch or built-in remote control.
  • In-Car Computers (Carputers): This is the built-in feature of a car that is used for entertainment and navigation system.
  • Laptop Computers and Notebook Computers: This is the best computer for portability and this type of computer is becoming famous day by day.
  • Tablet Computer: This is similar to a notebook computer but without a physical keyboard and with a touch screen. This is also best to use for browsing and entertainment.
  • Smartphones, Smartbooks, and Palmtop Computers: These are the small-sized device that is easy to carry. It’s a portable device.
  • Video Game Consoles: This is the best computer specially build for gaming and entertainment. This is the most famous personal handheld computer that is amiable with limited hardware and touch screen.
  • Programmable Calculator: This is similar to a smartphone but used for mathematical works.
  • Handheld Game Consoles: This is a portable gaming console to make entertainment to the top level.

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Minicomputers (Mid-Range Computers)

It is a type of computer that lies in the middle of micro and mainframe computers. These are also, known as multi-user computers. Minicomputers are the smallest mainframe computer and the largest single-user computer system.

These types of computers are 32-bit architecture. These traditional computers are less power consumption compare to mainframe computers. The term minicomputers are a midrange computer that is typically small in size.

Mainframe Computers

Mainframe computers are the types of computers designed to service multi-user with the help of small size single-user computers. These small size computers are capable to handle multiple tasks at the same time.

Most of the large institutions like government, large corporations, and banks use this system because these computers are fast and capable to handle data-driven tasks easily.


Supercomputers can be defined as a machine that is capable of performing tasks that required high numerical calculation such as weather forecasting, flood dynamics, and other similar types of complex calculation tasks.

Supercomputers are known for the speed and the handling of intense data-driven tasks, this works at a very high speed.