Free SEO Tools from Moz

Free SEO Tools from Moz

Moz is a suite of SEO tools that provide valuable insights for marketing.

Different types of search engine optimization tools developed by Moz can lead you to success in digital marketing.

Moz providing an easy way to understand digital marketing especially SEO (search engine optimization) so that people can get benefit from this.

Moz was founded in 2004 by Rand Fishkin & Gillian Muessig. Earlier this (Moz) used to call as SEOmoz that was started as a blog and online community to share SEO researches and ideas among people.

In the beginning time, Moz launched their first-ever Beginner’s Guide to SEO & first search ranking factors study, afterward this becomes a consulting firm and later they have developed early SEO tools or Moz SEO tools.

Moz is a frontier player in the industry to provide educational content so that the SEO (search engine optimization) process becomes easy to understand.

Whiteboard Friday is one of the great series of video content to understand the different aspects of SEO. With the help of video Moz is able to help so many SEO personals to understand how all this thing works and what needs to do in order to make things working for you.

Story of Name “Moz”

Moz, formerly SEOmoz, the Name was inspired by famous organizations like DMOZ, Chefmoz, and Mozilla.

Let’s dive into the details of the SEO tools developed by Moz

Free Domain SEO Metrics

Free Domain SEO Metrics is a good way to start using the tool (Moz SEO tool) to understand SEO metrics.

Free Domain SEO Metrics

This tool provides data like Domain Authority, Linking Root Domains, Ranking Keywords, Spam Score, Top Pages by Links, Top Linking Domains, and much more valuable information.

Just enter any domain of your interest and see the top competitive SEO metrics for that site in which few seconds.

You can also, know the keywords by estimated clicks and top ranking keywords in no time. The tool (Moz SEO tools) also lets you know the keywords you own a featured snippet and some branded keywords.

Official Link:

Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer is an SEO tool developed by Moz that lets you do keyword research by simply entering a keyword or a domain.

Moz Keyword Explorer

When you enter a keyword in the search box of the keyword explorer you will get monthly search volume, keywords SEO difficulty, organic CTR percentage, and priority of the keywords in the industry.

You will also get similar keywords for the given keyword and top pages currently ranking in Google SERP.

Official Link:

Link Explorer is an amazing SEO tool developed by Moz to help link research and find content opportunities.

Moz Link Explorer

When you enter a domain name in the search box of the link explorer you will get the domain authority, total number of linking domains, total number of inbound links, and number of keyword ranking for the given domain.

You will also get the data about the number of new links discovered and lost in the current period. The Link Explorer gives insights about the do-follow link vs no-follow link.

This SEO tool (Moz SEO tool) gives you the topmost followed link and no-follow link URLs, you can use the data to get success in the SEO world.

Official Link:

Moz Bar

Moz Bar (seomoz bar) is a browser extension that provides so many helpful insights to research for SEO purposes.

Moz Bar

By using Moz Bar (Moz toolbar) you will get domain authority, page authority, spam score, instantly for any searches within Google SERP.

One of the best features of the Moz Bar (seomoz extension) is you will get highlight the on-page links and differentiate by do-follow, no-follow, internal, and external links.

You will easily get links data, on-page elements, schema mark-up, HTTP status code, and keyword difficulty within a few clicks by using the SEO Moz toolbar.

Official Link:

#5. My Online Presence

My Online Presence can help you find your business online presence across the internet easily.

Moz My Online Presence

You need to enter the country, your company name, street, and number, and ZIP/postcode after hit the check now button you will get to know where your business is present.

This way you can find the opportunity to get your business online presence where you have not till the date. My Online Presence finds your business/company online directories like Google Maps, Facebook, ShowMeLocal, and Bing, etc.

Official Link:

Free Domain Analysis

Free Domain Analysis SEO tool developed by Moz is great to check the quick domain metrics like top ranking keywords, top pages, top competitors analysis, and much more.

Moz Free Domain Analysis

You just need to enter a domain name and you are all set to explore the opportunity you are missing to get success in SEO.

You can get the analysis for the keywords based on clicks and get the monthly estimated traffic based on the CTR and keyword search volume.

Check the top pages by links for any domain that are most important and analyze them by using this tool (Moz SEO tool).

Official Link:


MozCast is a tool developed by Moz that provides data related to weather by using turbulence in the Google algorithm.

Inclement weather impacting your SEO? You can keep up with the work progress by know ring the current weather.

Official Link:

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The Final Word!

Hope you like the article. The above-listed tools are great to get success in your search engine optimization journey. Try the tools by yourself and use the insights to give direction to your SEO.

Moz provides so much software to make SEO work easily. They also provide educational content to educate people in the digital environment.