15 Awesome Free Google Tools

Google is one of the most trusted companies in the world. While one of the most popular tools used by the whole world is its search engine, there are many others like it.

The influence and growth of google have only grown over the years. As the company grew, a lot of time and resources have been used to develop various applications and tools.

These tools are of great utility for a lot of people. From businesses to students, Google has changed our lives and the way we use the internet.

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Consequently, let us look at 15 Awesome Free tools that Google has developed.

#1 Google AdSense

Blogging and content writing gained considerable repute as a profession due to ad revenue generated from such websites.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense has been one of the most important and key factors in developing the market for digital marketing, SEO, and content writing. Content-driven businesses are now thriving and making quite a generous amount of money due to AdSense.

Websites, blogs, and a lot of others things can integrate google AdSense. This allows the user to place ads at their convenience. Not only is the tool optimized for mobile users, but Google AdSense also provides a lot of control to the user.

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#2 Google Keywords Planner

This is a great tool for marketers and content writers. Not only does this tool allow users to track and analyze keywords, but people can also refine their search for specific locations. 

Google Keyword Planner allows users to comb through words and topics. This is also useful for any data analyst to find out trends.

Users can also find out what people search for using that particular keyword. For example, if you search ‘Escape room,’ you might have other keywords such as ‘best escape rooms,’ ‘family-friendly escape rooms,’ ‘cheap escape rooms,’ so on and so forth.

People can further get ad suggestions based on those keywords to choose to integrate those words to get any particular ad.

#3 Google My Business

One of the most useful tools for a business, GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, puts your business in a discoverable space online.

Google My Business

Google’s search engine is one of the most used search engines, which means there are innumerable searches on it daily. This tool puts your business on Google Maps and makes it easier for it to appear on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Let’s suppose you open an escape room in New York, and it will be virtually impossible to locate you unless you have an online presence. Having a google my business account will put you on the map.

#4 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool as well. If you have a website, Google Analytics can create a profile and report of your visitors. You will get to know which page where they spend most of their time. 

This can be quite useful for all sorts of companies as well as individual bloggers. You get to some useful data that you ordinarily won’t be able to gather and analyze. 

#5 Google Correlate

One of the most useful free tools for any analyst out there, GOOGLE CORRELATE allows users to find trends and correlations when the user feeds in a set of data. 

This mechanism allows users to find results that span several years. This is another great tool for marketers and market owners. This will again give deep insights as to how someone can change their website to modernize it.

#6 Google Forms

Google forms are one of the greatest free tools that Google has developed. Google form has allowed people to collect, store and analyze data from a single resource point.

Google Forms

A google form can be released just once to all the contacts, and data can be entered seamlessly. Not only does Google form provide analytics of the data entered. The convenience provided by Google forms is great for research-based institutes and studies.

#7 Google Hangouts

Video conferencing software has become quite popular due to remote work caused by the pandemic.

Google Hangout is one of the premier free tools that allow people to connect over voice and video calls for a safe, smooth and convenient conversation. There are a number of features that are accompanied by hangouts as well.

#8 Google Calendar

Most of us have to deal with meetings, and managing everything at once can be chaotic. Google Calendar allows you to set appointments and meeting dates that can be shared with everyone in your organization. Most companies have utilized this for daily work meetings.

#9 Google Translate

Although the tool is quite developed, it is still a tool that is under-appreciated. Not only does the tool translate bulk information between multiple languages, but it is also quite effective at teaching pronunciations as well.

GOOGLE TRANSLATE is now capable of translating whole documents as well as provide a voice to text support. It is also capable of translating online websites and content in real-time.

A great and fun tool to analyze and study trends worldwide, google trends allows users to study particular words and their influence in an area.

People can search for keywords and see how they work with those keywords in their projects to increase their popularity.

#11 Google Drive

Google Drive and its free storage are currently among the most popular forms of cloud-based storage used by almost everyone. 

Not only does google drive allow people to seamlessly switch devices and even platforms, but they can also go from their laptop to mobile and still be able to access their documents.

#12 Google Classroom

Google Classroom has allowed academic institutions to have separate, unique, and still shared spaces that teachers and their students can use. 

Professors and instructors can share notes, lectures, and other documents with the whole class seamlessly while students can submit their assignments.

Integration with Google Forms and google drive allows storage of documents and assignments in a separate space.

#13 Google Blogger

Google blogger is one of the most used blogging platforms. It has been responsible for the immense growth blogging has experienced.

Google Blogger

Google allows people to set up their accounts and then set up their blogs in a simple and efficient way. People can write and generate revenue off these blogs as well.

#14 Google Scholar

Google scholar is a great alternate search engine tool that is provided by Google—meant for academicians, students, and other research-based professionals.

Google Scholar provides access to a huge library of journal articles, publications, books, and other literary pieces that drown out in the normal google search. 

#15 Google Docs

Googles Docs is a great free multi-utility tool that allows users to share and edit a document online in real-time. From word documents to excel sheets, Google Docs/Sheets allows seamless editing.

Multiple people can edit the document without any hassle and allow work to be done in a much shorter and more efficient time.


Google has created some amazing tools. These 15 Awesome tools are just some of the best tools that Google has developed. While there are more than 15 tools, these tools are bound to help you in your life, whether for your studies or your work.

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