SEO Tools: The Complete List [Updated]

Are you here in search of the best SEO tools under one roof, you will surely love this complete (2024 updated) guide.

There are a total of N free and paid SEO tools, tried and tested.

The SEO tools listed below by category are great to help you with search engine optimization.

Check them out…

Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool developed by Google. It can show the number of related keywords as per your keyword search criteria.

Google Keyword Planner SEO Tool

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to generate keywords through the website or particular page URL.

It is such a great tool you can find numbers of keywords that you do not able to find by using other keyword research tools. Try Google Keyword Planner to strengthen your keyword research and find the best keywords you need.

Pro Tips:

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool developed by Google. It can show the number of related keywords as per your keyword search criteria.

Official Website:

Answer the Public

Answer the Public usages the Google Autosuggest technique to generate keywords with a question scraper.

Answer The Public SEO Tool

If you want to know the topic idea with the keywords just enter your keywords in the ‘Answer The Public’ and you will get a number of questions that you can use to write a blog post.

Official Website:

People Also Ask Free Tool

This tool extracts the most commonly asked questions from Google’s “People Also Ask” box, so you can unlock a treasure trove of motivations and intent that lie behind each query.

Write about what your audience wants to read. As you develop your content, use these questions as inspiration for topics you want to cover.

Official Website:

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator shows you the top 100 keywords ideas for any given keyword or phrases.

Ahrefs’ Keyword Generator SEO Tool

It also displays the monthly search volume and keywords difficulty along with the keywords suggestions.

You can also find the top questions across the web based on your keyword and phrases.

Pro Tips:

You can also, research keyword ideas about Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Official Website:

Google Trends is great to know the people searching for interest. It can also show the graph for the keyword popularity over time.

Google Trends SEO Tool

You can use this and create useful content that people are interested in.

Once you know the people are searching for, you can avoid creating content that they are not interested in.

Official Website:

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Keyworddit is one of the best keyword research tools that usages techniques to generate keywords from Reddit.

Keyworddit SEO Tool

You need to enter your desired subreddit and you will be presented by the numbers keywords with the estimated monthly search volumes.

It can help you to generate desired content that your audience is interested in.

Official Website: pulls out the data from Google’s PAA (People Also Ask) box. SEO Tool

You can use this tool to find interesting topics and sub-headings to add to your content to better represent your view on the subject.

For example, you are writing content about digital marketing usages, you can also include why people pay attention to the digital trend, etc.

Official Website:

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a chrome extension available for free. You can get the search volume of any keywords you type in Google’s search box and search for it.

Keyword Surfer SEO Tool

It also provides similar keywords with estimated search volume in the right sidebar.

This makes things easier for the research to use the data for different types of keyword without closing or leaving Google’s SERP.

Official Website:


ClearScope is easy to use keyword research tools. You can use it to write a great copy of content by including the topics suggested by the tool.

ClearScope SEO Tool

You can type your keywords in the search box of the ClearScope and it will provide relevant term to ready to use in your piece of content with estimated frequency.

Overall, a powerful keyword research tool. Try it out.

Official Website:

Exploding Topics

‘Exploding Topics’ analyzed the millions of pages, searches, mentioned on the internet by using advanced technology to generate exploding topics before they got crowded.

The Exploding Topics creates the best topic out of those millions of searches from the internet. Use this tool to create exceptional content that stands out from the crowd.

Official Website:


FAQfox is a tool that scrapes the questions. You can use this tool to generate questions from the websites you think your audience is interested in.

FAQfox SEO Tool

FAQfox simplifies the process, with a couple of clicks and present you

  • High-Value Blog post/article
  • Great social media content
  • Amazing, data-driven media
  • Marketing resources viral content

Official Website:

Google Location Changer (SERPs)

Google Location Changer (SERPs) is an SEO tool that shows you search for a specific area you are not there. This information may be helpful for many marketers.

Google Location Changer (SERPs)

Official Website:


GrepWords is a search engine optimization tool that helps in keyword research. You can access big data and pull the desired result for your keyword research purpose.

GrepWords SEO Tool

You can get ahead the completion in terms of keyword research by using GrepWords and get the necessary insights into the keywords.

It can help you to understand the trends historically for the given keywords so that you can create a great content campaign to stand out the crowd.

Official Website:


HitTail is a keyword research tool that can be beneficial in finding the best-suited long-tail keywords to create resourceful content.

HitTail SEO Tool

Anyone (website owners, bloggers, and marketers) want to increase traffic from the major search engine should use this fantastic tool.

Official Website:


iSpionage is a search engine optimization tool that best suited for the PPC people. It can give so many insights to work on and get benefited from this.

iSpionage SEO Tool

iSpionage has many features that are helpful to get to know how much a web page getting traffic from organically.

Official Website:

Video SEO Tools


Morningfame is a video SEO tool that can work like smarter analytics for your YouTube channels. Get meaningful insights into your YouTube channels to improve its search capability in the YouTube SERP.

Morningfame SEO Tool

This tool (Morningfame) can give you insights about how and which video performed well for you in the past so that you can use those learning to create even better content.

Official Website:

Social Blade

It (Social Blade) has a big database and provides access to the Social Blade user by using advanced technology. This tool supports YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Social Blade is a great tool to spy on your competitor’s YouTube channels. You can know the matrix-like monthly views, subscribers, and earn, etc.

Social Blade SEO Tool

Official Website:


TubeBuddy is a free video SEO tool that is available as a browser extension. You can use it on the popular web browser and get so many insights to grow on YouTube.

TubeBuddy SEO Tool

If you are willing to use TubeBuddy, you can get the most out of your YouTube channels.

Official Website:


VidIQ is a video SEO tool that has a professional SEO software suite. There are tools for video keywords research, video analytics, and video optimization.

VidIQ SEO Tool

You can know the competitor’s video tag by using VidIQ on YouTube videos. VidIQ is available as a browser extension on the popular web browser.

Video marketing is made easy by VidIQ.

Official Website:


You can get the keywords suggestions and comparison between HD vs SD, the number of subscribers and average vies for a particular video by using YTCockpit.

Find out the most popular keywords for your next video on YouTube by using YTCockpit.

YTCockpit is a dedicated video SEO tool that focuses on keywords research and many more things.

YTCockpit SEO Tool

Official Website:

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker is one of the best link-building tools to check backlink of the any website.

Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker SEO Tool

It can help you find the most popular linking page and anchor text of a given domain.

The tool also shows the total number of backlinks and the number of unique referring domains.

Official Website:


AuthoritySpy is an SEO link-building tool designed to find the top most influencer in your niche.

AuthoritySpy SEO Tool

The tool gathers information for the influencer from the social media channel and other sources of the internet.

Official Website:


Buzzstream is one of the great SEO link-building tools designed to make outreach work easier for people working with large-scale outreach programs.

Buzzstream SEO Tool

You can use this tool to make strong relations with the influencer to make your link-building tasks much more quick and easy.

Official Website:

Check My Links is helpful to find the broken link on any webpage. This SEO tool is available as a browser extension.

Check My Links SEO Tool

This will find the broken link very quickly and you can use it to get succeeded in the broken link-building strategy.

Check My Links quickly finds the total links on the web page and lets you know which is valid and which is not a valid link.

Official Website:

Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder is an amazing SEO tool that is designed to find broken links across the web.

Citation Labs' Broken Link Finder SEO Tool

Here you do not need to check page by page instead Citation Labs’ Broken Link Finder help in finding the broken link through the desired keywords.

Official Website:


By using SEO tool you can select the list of your websites you want to disavow or not. is a fantastic SEO tool that can help you generate a disavow file ready to unload in the Google search console. SEO Tool

Official Website:

Free Broken Link Checker is a great SEO tool to check the broken links for any domain.

Free Broken Link Checker SEO Tool

Free Broken Link Checker can help you to check the dead links that you are not able to identify on your own.

It is also helpful in broken link building strategy. It shows the error code (404, 503, etc.) with the location of the page where this found.

Official Website:


If you want to links from the news site, JustReachOut is just designed to do this job.

JustReachOut SEO Tool

You can find out the journalist for the particular news website and pitch them your interest.

This (JustReachOut) helps you find the most relevant journalist, publication, and press opportunity, etc.

Official Website:


Linkody is one of the best SEO tools designed to track your link-building campaign.

Linkody SEO Tool

There are easy ways to track the link building for your client or website.

It also, keep you informed about your competitor link-building progress. This way to can also keep track of your competition in your niche.

Official Website:

Analytics Tools

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics tools in the SEO community.

Google Analytics SEO Tool

It (Google Analytics) gives you different kinds of data to understand your sites and the behavior of your customer or site visitors.

You can check the performance of your site, content performance, and many more things by using this tool.

Get some of the tailor-made insights for your website that can help you grow your website.

Official Website:


It automates the process of SEO testing and minimizes the risk and disturbance to the site so that you do not face the issue of revenue loss.

DeepCrawl is an SEO analytics tool that crawls every page of your website and generates a detailed report to understand what can be improved to make your website or business successful.

DeepCrawl SEO Tool

Official Website:

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights analyze your website to check the loading speed and let you know where it can be improved.

Google PageSpeed Insights SEO Tool

Now Google uses page speed as a ranking factor so it is very important to keep your website fast and useful for the end-user.

Official Website:

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an amazing SEO tool by Google that gives deep insights into your website performance.

Google Search Console SEO Tool

You can get the details of how people are finding you on Google. The keywords that are attracting traffic to your site.

Official Website:


GTmetrix is an SEO tool designed to check your website load time and speed.

GTmetrix SEO Tool

It gives insights into a website or web page and things that can help make the website fast and decrease the load time.

Official Website:

Local SEO Tools

Google My Business

Google My Business a fantastic local SEO tool that can lead your business to the right customer.

Google My Business Local SEO Tool

You can connect your business listing throughout the Google search and maps.

GMB (Google My Business) gives you options to add photos and post offers under the business profile. It also helps in making your business profile unique so that you can get more local views.

Official Website:

# Bright Local

This local tool makes local marketing easy. You can create a business listing and online reputation.

The Bright Local SEO tool is trusted by the local search expert. You can track ranking run SEO audits and local performance insights by using Bright Local.

Bright Local is a great local SEO tool that helps you with local marketing and local SEO in control.

Bright Local Local SEO Tool

Official Website:

Microdata Generator

Microdata Generator is a local SEO tool that helps to generate local SEO schema markup.

Microdata Generator Local SEO Tool

This tool is very helpful for people who need to get success in a local business.

You need to enter the required basic information and you are ready to dive dipper in the local SEO field.

Official Website:


Whitespark is one of the best tools for local SEO. You can track your citation and explore the new opportunities and spy on the competitor citation.

Whitespark Local SEO Tool

You can also discover new places to submit your business for citations.

The Whitespark help you to find the all available citation based on your competitors automatically. You can use these insights and grow your local business.

Official Website:


You can track ranking for all your local keywords data in any location.

GeoRanker is a local SEO tool to track the ranking of your local business. It can provide you various types of data to track your local business growth.

GeoRanker Local SEO Tool

Official Website:

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Hope you liked the SEO tools listed here. Try some of the great SEO tools and check the result after using these tools for your website.