Email Marketing Service

Which Email Marketing Service is the Best?

September 11, 2020 TechPrate 0

Most of the organizations are now providing the email marketing service. To find the best one among them is the challenge. If you want to implement the best email marketing strategy for your business then you need to select the […]

Top 5 Strategy Games Like League of Legends

August 30, 2020 TechPrate 0

Instincts, virtual adrenaline, and the blood rush are the daily dopamine hit for a gamer. Gaming is an ocean of opportunity for some, while for others is a way of escape-reality. Strategy gaming is one such genre that offers the […]

Black Hat SEO

What Can You Learn From Black Hat SEO

August 22, 2020 TechPrate 0

What is a Black Hat SEO? You own a website. You want to rank it higher in the results page, obviously. And you do this by systematic strategies that would optimize your website to get a more top ranking on […]

Fix Index Corruption in SQL Server

Fix Index Corruption in SQL Server

August 21, 2020 TechPrate 0

Today more and more businesses have turned online. Now, whether you are an educational organization or a financial firm, you must have heard about SQL databases. In that case, some of you might have already been using it and looking […]

Guide for B2B Website

A Digital Marketing Strategies Guide for B2B Website

August 20, 2020 TechPrate 0

Businesses to business, or B2B companies, do require an all-around thought out and innovative marketing strategy. When you first consider B2B marketing systems, your brain may go directly to the immediate and outbound procedure. You might think about sending messages […]