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Ways to Embed Google Reviews on the Website & Its Advantages

Ways to Embed Google Reviews

Consumers heavily depend on online reviews before making any investment decisions. According to a report published by Bright Local, 90% of consumers take online help to find and research brands.

An average of 10 reviews is read before trusting a brand and its services.

Over a decade, reviews become a part of the user purchase cycle and influence the decision-making process. The research shows that 91% of customers will believe a brand and likely make investments if they find positive reviews and 82% of customers will neglect your brand if they find negative reviews.

Thus, for businesses, it’s highly important to showcase positive reviews to their website or social media users. This will help to build brand trust and credibility in the market.

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What are Google Reviews?

Google review is a part of Google My Business or Google Maps. Real-life consumers leave a review on Google which can be positive or negative feedback about a product or service of a brand.

The platform allows users to post an idea, suggestions, feedback, or experiences they have come across after using the brand’s product or service. The credibility of these reviews is high as Google permits only authentic users to publish the reviews.

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Ways to Embed Google Reviews Widget On Website

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox offers a dedicated solution for embedding Google Review Widget on the website. This tool enables businesses to connect their Google Business IDs and fetch Google business reviews.

The Taggbox Google Review widget allows you to customize the reviews by adding font, theme, colors, and other design elements. Its exclusive feature to moderate the content allows users to filter out irrelevant content like negative comments which are not useful for your brand’s marketing content. Thus, allowing only relevant feeds to display to your website visitors.

Taggbox offers a real-time update feature that helps you to keep your content fresh and updated. To embed the customized feeds on your website, you just need to copy the embed code and paste it into your website’s backend.

Taggbox is compatible with many website platforms like WordPress, HTML, Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, etc. The platform is cost-efficient and rich in features.

2. SociableKIT

SociableKIT allows you to display social media content on a website. It provides a website plugin that aggregates the content from the social media platforms and then customizes them into one feed. You can display the created social feed to your website visitors to build trust.

The platform offers a 7-day free trial to experience the features. It also supports different website platforms. The tool also lets you fetch Google reviews and customize them according to your website design. It offers different themes to change the look and feel of the feed created. To embed the Google reviews on a website you need to embed the code on your website backend.

3. WordPress Google Review Plugin

WordPress offers several plugins to add externally to make the website performance better. Knowing the fact that reviews on websites increase engagement and trust, WordPress offers a Google review plugin. With the help of the plugin, you can integrate the reviews from your Google My Business account.

The tool offers features to customize the collected feeds to add some creative themes and visual elements to your website. The plugin allows you to display the reviews in a sidebar layout.

The other features of the WordPress plugin are a category-wise filter of content, a Read More Button that takes you to the original review post, a live chat option, etc.

However, at a time you can display up to 5 reviews from a particular location on the web page. The only disadvantage of this tool is that it supports only the WordPress Platform and is not compatible with other website platforms like Weebly, Wix, etc.

Top 5 Benefits of Embedding Google Reviews On Your Website

1. Build Trust and Authenticity

For any business, it’s really important to have brand trust among the consumers by offering quality products or services. Reviews are the real-life experiences shared by the users when they interact with the product or services. These reviews are genuine and influence new customers’ purchase cycles. When you embed these reviews on your website it builds trust among the visitors and boosts engagement.

2. Brand Awareness

Online reviews are a great way to boost brand awareness as the consumer network learns about your products or services. Moreover, major of the reviews are public posts that are open for all to view and access which broadens the reach.

Recommendations from family, friends, or acquaintances have always played a huge role in the decision-making process. Thus, when customers post a positive review on either Google Reviews or social media platforms, it adds credibility to the brand image. 

3. Access to Unique UGC

People trust user-generated content more than branded content. Reviews are authentic and dynamic content that is available easily online. Thus, your marketing team doesn’t have to put energy into creating content for the marketing campaigns.

Once you aggregate the reviews with the help of a Google Review Widget platform, you can easily use it for your marketing efforts. Moreover, users are least interested in branded content that promotes and talks only about the brand and is not customer-centric.

4. Increase Time Spent On Website

When you embed reviews on your website, it gives diverse information to your visitors about the products and services. Reviewing your consumers’ feedback helps visitors to get insight into the customer experiences. This helps them to decide if the product fulfills what they are looking for or not.

When Users find accurate information they are looking for the dwell timer increases exponentially.

5. Increased Sales and Conversions

Reviews highly influence the buying process of the users and hence, visitors landing on your website are likely to convert or take an action. Embedding reviews will increase user engagement, and boost sales, and conversions on your website.


Reviews are a measure of the qualitative and quantitative performance of a brand in the market. They add authenticity, credibility, and trust to a brand image. Additionally, they are the free unique content generated by your loyal customers which helps you to improve your product or services.

Embedding reviews on your website will decrease the bounce rate, boost SEO ranking, and increase time spent, and user engagement on your website. It’s the right time to build marketing strategies around effectively using reviews for marketing campaigns and embedding reviews on the website to increase conversions.

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