Why UI/UX Design Is Vital For Creating Games And Apps

Why UIUX Design

The interactive functionalities and efficiencies of mobile apps have encouraged today’s people to go mobile. Market reports have suggested that the number of app downloads is expected to reach 353 billion in the year 2021 from that of 197 billion USD in 2017.

This shows the huge prospects of mobile applications that can make our lives convenient and easy. Similarly, if we compare digital games the scenario is pretty much the same. The value of the market for video games is assumed to be more than 90 billion USD in 2020 from that of 78.61 billion USD in 2017. 

This shows the growing popularity of applications and games all over the world. 

In today’s world of technological advancement and digitization, visual impression and ease of use have become aspects of prime importance for the users/gamers.

As the app and game development businesses have become highly competitive companies are looking for ways to make their services innovative and exclusive to attract and engage their targeted customers/gamers.

Here comes the significance of UI and UX designers. You can hire UI and UX designer if you wish to make your apps and games stand out in the fiercely competitive market. 

Creating Games

Now Before Going Into The Details Let Us First Know The Meaning Of UI and UX.

UI: UI is the abbreviated form for “User Interface”. By UI we mean a process that enables users to interact with any applications or games. The main purpose of UI is to ensure an enjoyable, easy and effective interaction between the gamers with their games and the users with their applications.

By incorporating the trends of suitable UI designs, both app and game development companies can win the confidence of the end-users by enabling them to use their preferred apps or games and avail the desired experience with ease and efficiency in the process. 

UX: The abbreviation of UX stands for “User Experience”. By UX design we mean a process through which you can design both physical or digital products so that the end-users can find those delightful to interact with, worthy of use and can experience seamless performance. In fact, it is all about adding value to your services so that the customers or the targeted audience can be engaged for long. 

Significance of UX and UI Design:

Significance of UX and UI Design

Engagement and user attraction is applicable for all types of apps and games-mobile devices and web. While UI looks after the feel and presence of the apps and games, UX, on the other hand, will mainly deal with the ease of usages.

Currently, businesses across industries are trying to gain a competitive advantage by developing a strong digital presence. A perfect combination of UI and UX can enable your business to gain the right attention because of the following benefits.

  • By increasing the average time of retention
  • By enhancing user satisfaction
  • By reducing documentation and development cost
  • By strengthening customer loyalty
  • By increasing app installation
  • By boosting sales and productivity
  • By optimizing conversion from prospects

As UI and UX are integral for graphic designing, you can also hire graphic designer with expertise in creating stunning UI and UX for delivering customized services. The essence of UI and UX for developing apps and games with respect to mobiles and the web can be better understood from the following discussions.

Simple to Use

It is always good to go for something which is simple and smooth. This is because simplicity can speak volumes when it comes to experiencing services in the digital realm. If you want to make your apps and games user-friendly and easy to navigate then you need to keep them simple without compromising on the core features or functionalities.

Moreover, the simplicity of usages can also determine the popularity and success of the games/apps by engaging the targeted audience to avail of their preferred services with utmost convenience and enthusiasm.

Capturing Attention

Impressing users on the very first attempt is very important to stay ahead in today’s competition. For this both apps and games have to be strong enough in terms of content, look and feel. With appropriate UI and UX designs make your apps and games distinctive and interactive so that the users/players feel encouraged to explore for more.

If you fail to impress shortly after launching your apps games be prepared to lose your market by your competitors as people tend to look for dynamism and uniqueness in the ways through which they can interact or communicate.

Privacy Concern

Privacy issues have become a major concern when it comes to users’ participation with respect to both apps and games. It is a normal trend for the end-users to mention their personal information or data so that they can access their applications or games seamlessly.

There are mobile applications (especially social communication apps) that contain more confidential data regarding business development, product promotion, etc. Here the UI and UX designers have a pivotal role to highlight the noteworthy features so that the users can trust those. 

Undo Feature

It may happen that users can mistakenly delete vital information or data which they need again for future reference. So the apps and games are to be designed in such a way so that the deleted information can be retrieved without much effort. This is another way through the businesses across industries can make their users/gamers loyal and satisfied. 

What Are The Tips To Be Followed That Can Improve The UI and UX Designing

UI and UX Designing

1. Using Conventional Elements

The users can spend their time more productively if familiar elements can be used appropriately. Elements like colors, buttons, icons are to be placed in such a way so that the users do not get confused and can use those smoothly to experience their desired services effectively.

It implies that if the users can get accustomed to the usages fast then there are high chances that they will like those and can come back for repeated usage. 

2. Uniform Maintenance

The design has to be made in a uniform way so that the quality of output can be felt the same across all windows. Apart from the icons, the colors and the patterns should also be uniform across all media.

3. Make It Highly Interactive

Making games and apps interactive can determine their growth or popularity. If the users feel they can interact well within their apps and games then they can establish a long-lasting connection with that particular brand. Moreover, it also gives them ample freedom to navigate and explore their preferred services as per their convenience. 

4. Do Not Hamper The Speed

Just like the designs, the speed of the apps and games is equally important. Startup companies often make mistakes in this regard as they primarily focus on the look and feel of the apps and games and do not emphasize the core performance.

If your apps open up slower than the normal pace, the users can get frustrated and can quickly move on to look for some other alternatives. So while designing, the load timing or speed of the apps and games has to be considered so that the users’ attention does not get deviated. 

Latest Design Trends For UI and UX:

Latest Design Trends


This is one of the core aspects when it comes to the making of apps and games visually attractive. More than any designs it gets quickly connected with the end-users.

Meaningful animations can create a positive impact on the minds of the existing and prospective customers. In earlier times, buttons, logos, and icons used to be flat, but with the change time technologies, they have now become animated and hence are highly interactive.

The vast prospects of animation have made animation a promising trend for UI and UX designs.

Use of Split-Screen

This is one of the hottest trends for UI and UX designs. The concept of using 2 screens on mobile phones or websites together is truly amazing. Along with providing aesthetically appealing visuals, the use of split-screen enables in intense user interaction.

Voice UI

Voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa are being widely used now to get things done easily and conveniently. With the popularity of voice searches, users are now looking for buttonless options to get things done seamlessly. 

UI and UX will continue to grow in the coming years as people will rely more on technologies to carry on with day to day tasks. Both apps and games will have their own space in the global markets as people all over the world need entertainment as well as essential services like banking, finance, healthcare, education, etc. 


With the increase in the number of app users and gamers across the globe, people will look for immersive and distinctive experiences. With personalized solutions, companies can deliver services that can make both UI and UX engaging and visually stunning.

Given above are some vital information that can be followed if you wish to have outstanding UI and UX. Moreover, with suitable UI and UX designs companies can enhance their brand value along with gaining a competitive status.

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