Blogging – 8 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Blog

Benefits of Blogging for Business


The field of digital marketing has expanded greatly in the last few years. This has happened because of the rise of social media users who constantly use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, making them turn into great platforms for social media marketing.

However, even though these are newer methods of digitally marketing your business, the oldest technique in the book remains to be blogging. Being on the internet ever since its existence. Blogging has stayed true to be one of the best tried and tested methods of digital marketing.

However, blogging has been facing immense competition from social media websites and its associated marketing techniques ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. So how do you increase traffic on your blogs? Read on to find out!

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act of publishing written articles on a website to drive traffic to the website. This is a great practice of digital marketing because blogs with high traffic get access to Google Adsense, which allows advertisements to be displayed on the blogs. This is how bloggers make money.

How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog?

Blogging is difficult to pull off because it takes a lot of time and effort to make your blog successful. Also, you have to strategize very well to make it a success. You need to have a content strategy in mind to make curated blog posts.

Therefore, to increase traffic to your blog, you must follow these steps:

1. Publish More Articles

Google has a system of accepting blogs for being shown on the Google results page, making them discoverable through Google search. This is called Google Indexing. However, Google only indexes blogs from websites that are uploading content regularly.

This is why to get results, you should publish articles regularly to make sure that your blog is constantly updated with new content. Otherwise, the chance for your articles to get indexed becomes thinner and thinner.

2. Use Social Media Marketing

Blogging goes hand in hand with social media marketing. This is because the links to your blogs can be shared through your social media channels as well. This also increases the amount of initial traffic your blog will receive, which will come from your friends and other acquaintances.

If you are into digital marketing, then using social media platforms is a must. However, using it in tandem with blogging is a great way to successfully generate leads and conversions. This is how blogging can make your digital marketing strategy pandemic-proof.

3. Incorporate SEO Keywords

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the act of using certain keywords in your blog article that makes it more discoverable in Google search results, making your article rank higher. This alone has the potential to generate immense traffic for your website.

SEO keywords are words that people generally use to search in Google. For example, if you want to search for “Best Smartphones Under $300”, this entire phrase becomes a keyword or a key phrase.

4. Use Attractive Images

If you were told to read an article without any images and thousands of words, would you be interested in reading it? The answer is no. Words will only be able to hold your attention for so long. However, pair that with attractive images, and you will strike gold.

5. Make Use of Clickable Titles

Clickable titles refer to making interesting titles so that people get interested in opening the link and reading the blog. Making a bland title will make people less likely to open the link and read your blog.

Therefore, it is necessary to make interesting titles to generate the first instance of interest in the minds of readers.  This will greatly help in driving traffic to your blog.

6. Republish Older Content

If you want to do blogging to live better, then you need to republish older content. Sometimes, older content will turn out to be great if you modify and update it with current information and more ranking keywords.

Republishing content that is based on evergreen topics will be helpful for your blog since these articles will always receive traffic because they are not based on a short-term trend.

7. Boosts Articles With Internal Links

In your blog articles, you can use some specific focus keywords and phrases and hyperlink them with your other blogs. This is great because it is a surefire method to increase traffic to your blogs, keeping readers reading one blog after the other by jumping from one page to another.

8. Be Original

The final recommendation that we can give to bloggers to generate more traffic is to create 100% page-free and original content. Blogging for business will only be possible if you create original content because readers are not interested in reading similar content twice.


If you want to pursue blogging seriously as a progression, then you have to apply many blogging strategies like the use of SEO keywords and promoting them through your social media channels.

These are some of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog and even earn some money in the process.

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