5 Reasons Why a Memorable Phone Number Can Boost Your Business

Business Phone Number

Having a thriving business is something that every business owner wants. But this can only be achieved through hard work and dedication to the business.

In addition, you can have a unique phone number for your business so your clients will easily remember it.

A business phone number tells a lot about a business because if you have a unique phone number, you will have advertising campaigns centered on it so that you will know how many sales you have generated as a business owner. Here are the benefits of a memorable number in your business.

1. Enhanced Credibility

Trustworthiness and credibility are key concerns when a client is consulting or looking for someone to do business with. With so many businesses where anyone can create a website and showcase their business, it is crucial to be ahead so that you will be unique and easy to notice by assuring your clients of your reliability.

Getting an impressive number will help improve your credibility with your customers. When you have a traceable address and a unique number for your business, you are assured that potential clients will trust your business, and with that, you will outshine your competitors and be able to make sales in your business.

With a generation so indulged in the internet, 21% of people have attempted to contact a memorable number. With the new generation Z, you are likely to earn 28.57% from a business if you have invested in a unique number; these statistics show an advantage of having a memorable business number for your brand.

2. Enhanced Recall

One of the advantages of having a unique business phone number is that it is easy to memorize and makes people easily remember your company number. The more people remember your business number, the more likely they will keep in touch with you.

If you are relying mainly on incoming enquires to sell your products or services, you need to invest in memorable phone numbers because it will help increase the call rates and give you a chance to engage with a higher number of clients; as a result, you will be able to get higher sales by having a number that is easy to recall. Statistics show that almost 85% of people will likely recall a business vanity number after an advertisement.

3. Brand Awareness

Making your business known to many people is an essential factor because by creating awareness, you are introducing your products or services to the world, and this is how people will get interested in whatever you are selling. A unique phone number will be important in creating awareness about your product.

When people want a particular product, having an unforgettable number will help them trace you to get that particular product you are offering. A memorable number will help you sell your products or services more than your competitors. This shows that you are likely to earn 35.59% of people into your business if you have a unique phone number.

4. Multiple Operating Location

A unique phone number will ease the burden of having a widespread marketing campaigns to update your existing clients and enlighten new clients about your contact details. You will likely lose clients because you cannot reach everyone to update the contact details, and therefore you will lose customers you have worked hard to acquire. Memorable phone numbers are flexible and not fixed to any location.

When getting a memorable number for your business, you must look for a reliable supply. Not everyone supplying memorable numbers can be trusted, so research to get someone you can call any time for assistance.

5. Get Ahead of The Competition

Of the reasons to set up a memorable and unique phone number for your business is to distinguish yourself from other businesses and to make yourself stand out. With competition being so high in the business world, you need to find one thing that will make you unique, and a memorable number will help you stand out and get ahead of your competitors. Few businesses have a unique number, so if you get one, you will be more competitive compared to other businesses.


In the business world, you must make sure you move with technology and are smart to be ahead of the game. Spending that extra amount on purchasing a memorable number can be a savior to your business because customer communications are crucial.

Phone communications help boost customer satisfaction and help you grow your sales. With a memorable number, your customer knows they can get help fast without struggling to go through their phone because they have your number at their fingertips.


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