Top 7 Website Types You Can Create with WordPress

Website with WordPress

WordPress is without a doubt, the leading content management platform.

With billions of websites out there, right now, WordPress powers over 30% of all the sites you’ll ever visit. This puts the sum at close to half a billion users.

It started, like most things, as something simple, but has grown into something massive. As a result, it’s become, much more than a simple blogging platform, but something that can be used for a plethora of different website types.

One of the main reasons why people like WordPress so much, is because of its versatility, the fact that it can be used to make so many different sites. Another reason is because of the huge number of plugins and themes that are available for it.

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Although it may appear somewhat complicated when you first use it, after some time, you’ll quickly get the hang of it, and everything will seem, very simple. So if you are a newcomer to the WordPress platform, I’m here to talk to you about it.

Although there’s almost an endless number of website types that can be created with it, I’ve chosen 7, specifically for this article. So please do enjoy:

1. A Business Website

Tons of global brands and regional ones, rely on the WordPress CMS to build their sites upon, due to its large theme variety, and how easy it is for them to add videos and pictures to their posts. Some plugins can be used, to allow site visitors to easily find the nearest dealership or store.

Some of the giants like Sony and Mercedes-Benz rely on WordPress to power their websites.

You can make any website more engaging by adding a question-and-answer tool to it, as it ensures that those questions the site visitor may have, are answered.

2. Personal Website or Blog

WordPress was a simple blogging platform, at its inception, but has slowly grown into one of the most powerful content management systems. However, over the years, these personal websites or blogs, have continued to persist.

They have grown and evolved and have become much more sophisticated and polished. If you’re interested in creating your website, then there are a ton of tools that you can use to create it when you opt to go with WordPress.

3. eCommerce Website

Now that I have mentioned your personal and business website, let’s switch your attention to the eCommerce site. Just as the name implies, with this type of website, you can buy and sell products online. All you need to do is acquire the right plugin and your site will transform into an eCommerce platform, it’s so very easy.

There are tons of different variations in looks and designs that you can go with, along with plugins that add additional functionality to your website. It’s for this reason that WordPress is becoming the platform of choice for those interested in creating an eCommerce website. No matter the niche your website is in, WordPress will have you covered, with a large array of options to choose from.

4. Job Board Website

There are many websites out there, blogging sites, etc. that have added a job board to their site, just for an additional source of income. There is an ever-increasing demand for job boards that cater to niche and/or specific industries.

With WordPress, you can add your very own job board to your website or have a standalone website, where people can add job listings and have professionals respond to applicants.

5. Portfolio Website

If you are a photographer, designer, or developer who’s interested in showcasing your work in the most impressive manner possible, then you need to go with WordPress. It’s very easy for you to create a WordPress website that you can use to showcase your portfolios and galleries.

In these kinds of sites, you can have various sections, and effectively show off your skills, in whatever you’ve done. The best thing about these types of websites is that it’s very easy to integrate eCommerce functions into them so that you can sell your workpieces to those who visit your site.

6. Family Blogs

WordPress is the ideal platform to build your family website upon, this is because of its user management system. You can create beautiful websites, and add family photos and gossip. With WordPress there’s no limit to the number of things you can add to the site, showcasing different aspects of your family.

7. Charity Website

Very similar to a business website, WordPress can be used to create a site that will keep your visitors informed on all your charity work, what they’re doing, and how donations are being spent. Along with providing a secure place for people to donate directly to these charities.

You’ll also have various plugins, which you can use to create the perfect look and feel, making the site more engaging, which in turn should encourage people to donate to a just cause.

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