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Tips to Create Best Facebook Ads Ever

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Facebook advertising has been growing rapidly over the years above Google ads and traditional ads. The advertising industry is revolutionized by the internet and social media platforms.

Facebook has more than two billion active users around the globe helping companies reaching, connecting, and communicating with a wide range of ideal audiences.

Therefore, your Facebook advertising should require powerful strategies to acquire the market.

Facebook offers amazing advertising options from behavioural targeting to pixel tracking. According to a study, about 70% of Facebook user log into FB daily, which is much higher than other social media platforms.

All these users spell out the potential market for business. FB has emerged as the best B2B and B2C advertising platform.

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When comes to paid marketing you would want to put the most effective ads in your assortment out there, whether you want to optimize for mobile, improve customer targeting or nail your retargeting campaign.

Before hopping to the tips to create effective FB Ads, check out some reasons, why the Facebook ads are beneficial for your business: –

  1. People spend pretty much time on Facebook. The most important benefit of FB ads is that about 80% of Internet users use Facebook.
  2. FB Ads reach your exact targeted audience. If you know your customer’s market, you can exactly hit the goals.
  3. Facebook Ads bring new traffic to your website if you tag visitors to your website. This is known as the remarketing audience.
  4. Calls to Businesses are more effective than website clicks. That’s why Facebook provides a facility of Call button to capture the leads.
  5. Facebook Ads Tools make FB ads management easier.
  6. The major benefit of Facebook advertising is that it is cheaper than other forms of advertising. You can reach 1000 people in just $5.
  7. Facebook Advertising increases your brand awareness.

Some of the ways of targeting Ads On Facebook: –

  • Custom Audience: Target existing audience
  • Behaviours: Target by past behaviour.
  • Connections: target people who like your page
  • Interest: target by Interest such as fashion, fitness, technology, etc.
  • Gender: Allows Gender-Specific Targeting
  • Location: Allows Geographical Targeting

Tips to create best FB Ads for targeting audience to generate Revenue: –

Here is a list of strategies that includes information on how to create the best Facebook ads and generate revenue.

  1. In this era, customers spend time online through different devices such as desktops or mobile devices. Therefore the ads made should be optimised for both desktops as well as phones this will maximise your reach.
  2. Through Facebook advertising whenever a customer clicks on your ads you have to pay for it which is called PPC marketing. A strategy to generate revenue and let customers click the ad is important. This will help increase brand awareness.
  3. Using more than one strategy in Facebook advertising can help you funnelling people to your sites. Such as A/B testing strategy, while creating an ad on Facebook using Facebook split testing can help you feature test ad visuals.
  4. For understanding the ads customers respond to, competitive analysis is necessary. This will help you understand the preferences of customers you want to target.
  5. Majorly effective ads do not appear more than five times to the same customer. More than this means you are heading towards more cost per click and less click-through rate. Ad loses its effectiveness as customers get frustrated and start ignoring and hiding it if seen over and over again. Your ads should encourage them to complete the desired action, such as buying something or subscribing in one go.
  6. Geo-Targeting is one of the great strategies for serving your message to customers. Geo-Targeting helps in serving ads based on where the prospect is located. These are hyper-targeted ads that get customers engaged.
  7. Remarketing tactics are best suited to reintroduce the brand. Remarketing targets people who have interacted with your brand in some or the other way. Remarketing helps in encouraging those people to come and finish what they have started. This includes cart adornment, quitting profile creation before completion; customers who have visited the site but never bought anything or are not converted.
  8. Optimising your ad on a regular basis is another very important part of generating revenue. Ads should be affordable and effective and for that optimization of ads is necessary this will help you to maintain good ad performance.

Hiring a digital marketing agency that specializes in Social Media Marketing can help you deliver the most engaging and promising Social Media Ads that are affordable as well as effective.

Diglon is your one-stop solution to grow your business digitally. Their experts have hands-on experience in providing all sorts of digital marketing services and help to incorporate digital tools to generate revenue and increase brand awareness.

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