What is and How to Use it?


AI tools have recently created hype in the market due to their advanced technology and fast processing. Now AI tools for every single purpose are available online. AI audio enhancers are also an important part of this list.

Today, we will inform you what audio enhancers are and introduce a free online audio enhancer that transforms your audio into tuneful melodies that inspire, inform, entertain, and please the audience.

So, let’s begin without further ado!

What is an Audio Enhancer?

An audio enhancer is a gadget that helps users improve the voice quality of audio. The main purpose of this tool is to make audio sound better by removing the noise, improving speech and sound quality, and fixing the levels of various aspects of the audio. This can either be done manually (when the tool doesn’t possess AI technology) or automatically (employing AI technology).

In the past, when AI technology wasn’t well-developed, audio enhancers were used to manually improve the audio quality but that was an excruciating task that would take hours. However, in contemporary society with AI audio enhancers, this excruciating task has become a piece of cake because these tools automatically improve the audio and voice quality.

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What is is developed using advanced machine learning programming that allows it to work automatically on the provided audio and improve its sound quality. This tool works with autonomy and fixes the provided audio in varying ways i.e. quality improvement, noise removal, speech enhancement, and sound quality levels fixing.

How Does it work? works using AI technology and it takes three steps to improve audio:

  1. Analysis: In the first step, the audio is analyzed by the AI audio enhancer, and its problematic areas are identified.
  2. Improvement: In the second step, the amends the problems in the audio to improve its quality.
  3. Digitization: In the third step, the improved version is digitized, and the enhanced audio is prepared to be downloaded by the user.

How to Use

Now, let’s discuss how to use to actually enhance the voice quality of your audio or video.

1. Open the Website

To enhance your audio or video, use

2. Provide the Input

Provide your input (audio or video) to the gadget. Click on the “ADD FILE” button to select a file from the computer.

Provide the Input

3. Select Enhancement Type

The next step is to choose the enhancement type but before you do that you need a proper description of each type which is provided below:

  • Improve the quality – this enhancement type helps improve the quality of the sound and makes audio audible.
  • Reduce the background noise – this enhancement type helps in the reduction of background noises that mask the effect of speech sounds.
  • Clean up the speech – this enhancement type is used to amend the errors in speech like hissing sounds, mixing of lexemes, etc.
  • Fix the loudness and levels – this enhancement type is used to bring the levels of loudness, frequency, pitch, bass, timbre, etc. to an equalized level Select one of these options for the enhancement of your audio.
options for the enhancement

4. Select Content Type

Select the content type in which you are using your media. There are 9 options available. Their list is provided below:

  • Mobile video
  • Podcast
  • Educational video
  • interview/meeting
  • lecture/conference
  • Voice recording
  • Professional audio
  • Professional video
  • Other

By choosing one of these tools you provide insights to the tool about how the outcome should sound like.

5. Enhance the File

Click on the option provided below i.e. “ENHANCE MEDIA”. This will immediately initiate the processing of the tool.

Enhance the File

6. Download the Output

The result will appear in front of you in just a few minutes. You can download the results and use it freely wherever you like.

Download the Output

You can automatically enhance the voice of as many audio or videos as you like. The processing time is just a few minutes and it is much better and faster than manual processing.

What are the Characteristics of

This audio enhancer offers many advanced features that other contemporary tools are lacking. Let’s have a closer look at these features below:

  1. Noise Removal: Noise removal is an important characteristic of audio enhancer AI. With its intelligence, it can distinguish between speech sounds and noises. Then it enhances the audio by fixing the noises. It can fix all types of noises including, consistent noise, interval noise, low-frequency noise, and sudden sharp noise. The noise removal significantly improves the quality of your audio.
  2. Sound Enhancement: This tool is a great sound enhancer. It enhances the sound quality of the audio or video by magnifying the speech sounds and dismissing the noises. This characteristic aims to improve the overall sound quality of the sound.
  3. Speech Clarification: Speech clarification characteristic is an important one. Different people speak differently. No two individuals speak alike. The intonation patterns, sound mixing, hissing sounds, etc. in your audio can impact the intelligibility. This tool is great at clarifying the speech and proving flawless outcomes.
  4. Audio Equalization: This tool equalizes the speech sounds by fixing the levels of loudness and softness in such a way that the whole audio has an equal distribution of sounds. The audio will not have fluctuating loudness that can impact its comprehensibility.
  5. Musical Enhancement: This tool is also great at musical enhancement, the musical audio including instrumental music and songs. This tool turns the noisy and scrappy pieces of musical audio into melodies of perfection.
  6. Content Adaption: This tool with its machine learning ability understands the differences in audio of different content. It thus enhances the audio and voice recordings by keeping the content type in consideration and provides the perfect enhancement accordingly.

Pricing of is completely free. The users are neither required to sign up nor pay a monthly subscription to use its services. Thus, using it for audio enhancement is the best choice for users who want to get views and likes on their content.

Bottom Line

After all this discussion, we hope you have understood the importance of the AI audio enhancer and how it makes a visible difference in content creation. If you are a content creator who is tired of spending hours on manual audio enhancement, try today and experience the utility of AI audio enhancers.

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