5 App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet Till 2024

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Since the early days, smartphones have been more of a tool to stay connected to people around us. Over time, this paradigm has changed, and today instead of staying connected, we are always looking for the next app that will solve our problems or fulfill our needs.

Have you ever thought of a great idea for an app but then realized that it was already been made? Don’t worry! There’s still plenty of room for new ideas in the world of apps. However, app development is not everyone’s cup of tea which is why sometimes certain apps haven’t been made yet. But expert Mobile App Development Services in USA can be so much beneficial for you. 

How App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet can be Beneficial?

This is a great question. The answer is simple.

You have to be creative and use your imagination to come up with an idea that hasn’t been made yet. One of the best ways to develop app ideas is by considering what is lacking in the market. It’s a good idea to look at the current apps available and see if any gaps need to be filled.

For example, many fitness apps, but very few, track your overall health and well-being. Or maybe you have a great idea for an app that helps people plan their finances or manage their money better. It can be anything from a game, an app, or a website. You just have to think of something that hasn’t been done before and then makes it happen!

There are many ways to develop ideas for apps or websites, but one of the best ways is to use your creativity, imagination, and knowledge about your audience.

The good thing about this method is that it will help you create something unique which will stand out from all other similar products on the market! 

App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made Yet Till 2024

When it comes to app ideas, there are so many possibilities that you can explore. However, you might have come across some apps that have been made but not those that haven’t been made yet.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for ways to develop new ideas, then this article is for you. Here are five App Ideas That Haven’t Been Made yet—and won’t be made for some time.

Sale Alerts App

This app would allow you to set up alerts for specific products or locations based on your location and what’s nearby. You could also create an alert for exclusive sales or deals at your favorite store. This would be especially useful if you’re shopping while traveling; you’d know when something goes on sale so you can buy it immediately.

Mobile Tip Calculator

If you’re a regular at restaurants with friends, then you know how much of a hassle it can be to split the bill. Not all restaurants have an app that calculates tips for you!

A mobile app that helps you split the bill with friends would solve this problem. All someone has to do is enter their name and amount owed on the app, and it automatically calculates the tip or percentage based on what everyone ate.

Smart Cooking Helper App

There are so many cooking apps to help you cook, but we haven’t seen an app that can help you plan your meals, grocery shop, and cook from start to finish, all in one place.

The best way to do this is with my Smart Cooking Helper app. It combines the best features of a meal planner, grocery list, recipe finder, and recipe book all in one place. You can add your favorite recipes to it, so they’re always available when you need them.

You can create shopping lists based on what’s on sale at the store or search for recipes with specific ingredients in your kitchen right now. When you’re ready to cook, select a recipe, and the app will tell you what components are needed and how much of each ingredient is needed for the meal.

All in One Social Media App

Our lives revolve around social media, as we all know. It’s everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere. So why not create an all-in-one social media app?

This app would be able to connect to all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Users could post photos from their camera roll as well as from their favorite social networks. They could also share videos and even make live video streams with their friends on different platforms.

The app could also have a feature that allows users to see what their friends are watching or listening to at any given time. This will allow them to discover new content without leaving the app.

Brainstorming Helper App 

A brainstorming app that can help you come up with ideas. There are many apps like this, but they are all very basic and don’t provide much value. This app needs to be more detailed and offer more features. The user should be able to specify what kind of idea they want to get from the app (e.g., a new product idea). It should then ask questions about that topic and provide answers based on what you enter.

For example: when you ask for an idea for a new product, it could ask things such as “What do people want?” “What do people need?” “Where can we sell this product?”


There are a lot of apps out there, but many don’t necessarily scratch the surface of the needs we have as consumers and humans in general. Design resonates with people, and when you hear about an app idea that excites you, it’s hard to shake.

The ideas laid out in this article are meant to generate those same feelings for others—and remind designers, entrepreneurs, and investors alike of the untapped opportunities buried within the world around us. These five ideas are just a few examples of how technology can be used for good — it’s up to you to make them happen!

Remember—opportunities like these don’t come along every day. Make something happen!

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