How to Determine and Boost your App User’s Happiness?

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Customer happiness is the one thing that should be the key focus of all businesses. Customers are loyal since they are glad about the overall experience of the product or the service. There is a lot of difficulties involved in retaining users.

In this regard, gauging their level of satisfaction is generally a priority for the organization. The question of the hour is: how to measure customer satisfaction? Before answering this question, we will talk about why measuring user happiness is essential.

Why Measuring User Happiness is Essential?

The significance of customer happiness cannot be considered trivial.  The cost of an unhappy customer may pave the way for your company to incur massive losses. Now we have these questions:

  • How to ascertain that the users are glad about the app?
  • How to gauge user satisfaction and goodness of the app?
  • Notwithstanding, how to gauge happiness that users feel while utilizing the app?

For framing stunning apps, one should comprehend what they are creating, why they are creating, and for whom is the app. This can be achieved by giving importance to the user and readily understand their pain.

You would be very much enthusiastic about developing the app. In this regard, you may ignore the user’s happiness. This is quite natural since you would be occupied with the technicalities of the app. But we give a gentle reminder that when users are in a position to interact with the app efficiently, then there lies the success.

Measuring the user experience for an app becomes a critical question now. How do you find out whether it is improving or not? So that is the reason you have to involve in specific actions.

Your users will involve more in the app if they are satisfied with your app. They will promote your app through word of mouth, which is undoubtedly the top reliable ways of promoting. Happy users don’t bother about once-in-a-while issues that take place in the app. Happy users turn out loyal customers. Happy users make you feel satisfied by fructifying your efforts.

You can ask your users their level of happiness. Ratings, surveys, etc., are the most straightforward and competent tools to gauge user happiness. But you must not make a mess in getting feedback. Now let us see some of the feedback best practices you can adhere to:

Maintain Brevity in Surveys

It will be excellent if you bring in the desired effect in a one-question survey. No user is patient enough for several questions. For that, don’t give a general question like how happy they are with your app. You can concentrate on a specific feature.

Ask Only Those Questions Which You Can Do

Ask questions only when you are seriously keen on acting on them. In your enthusiasm, don’t ask things like some advanced features that you are not contemplating on developing.

Be Relevant

It’s always essential to group your target recipients. For example, if you are serving the needs of multiple audiences, customize your questions.

Add a Surprise Element by Giving Incentive to Feedback

If you genuinely require some feedback that users are hesitating to respond, you can take it further by providing incentives, including a month free of premium. They are taking their time to fill out the survey so the motivation can also be regarded as a genuine reward.

Transparency is the Key

In this digital era, it is of utmost importance to be transparent; otherwise, you will be the loser. Transparency and building trust complement with each other and bring in a high degree of interaction with your customers. You don’t hide anything from the customers, and you are open to constructive feedback. Moreover, you don’t shy away from crucial conversations with your customers.

Now that you have seen how to measure app user’s happiness, we will see how to raise user happiness.

Individual Attention

People love themselves and serving this natural feeling goes a long way in gaining their satisfaction. Never consider personalization in your app trivial. You can do this by referencing the person’s name, their past purchase behavior, etc.

Cater to Their Needs

Assist the users to address the reason for downloading as rapidly as you can.  Help them achieve the purpose they came for.  If they came in want of music, go straight to the purpose.

Be Accessible All the Time

Make yourself easily reachable to users every time. Live chat, social media, etc., are the places where you can be reachable. If they are having issues in getting what they want and you are not helping them, then they may not take this in good taste.

Maintain the App in Excellent Condition

Maintain the seamless functioning of the app. Ensure that it is in good speed, loads swiftly do not have bugs, etc. If you take care of all these things, your users will remain happy.

Happy users lead to thriving businesses. So make sure that user happiness is not ignored at any cost.

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