Effective Methods to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files

Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files

MS Access is a Microsoft DBMS i.e. Database-Management-System, which is efficient and easy-to-use, at the same time as other Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Access application has the relational Jet-Database-Engine with development tools in the back end and an easy interface in the front end. This MS Access application makes DBMS truly a favored choice and the number one system for many corporate entities.

Corruption in the Microsoft Access database usually occurs when errors are found in the binary file format of the access database.

When that happens, you may face random errors or difficulty in accessing Access database files (.MDB/.ACCDB files) that can pose serious threats to highly valuable data that might be present within those files. This can lead users to think about How to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files.

Possible Reasons Behind the MS Access Database Files Corruption

Some of the possible reasons are below which tend users recover corrupted MS Access Database files:

  • Abrupt System Shutdown: Improper system shutdown, while some activity is being performed on the database, can lead to corruption.
  • Software Bugs: Sometimes, a few bugs in Access and Jet software are responsible for corruption.
  • Virus Infection: If a virus infects a file that is needed by the Access database and once that file is used when the database opens, the infection will spread to the database and corrupt it.
  • Frequently Editing Data in Memo Fields: Frequent editing of data items in Memo fields increases the chances of Access database corruption. It mostly results from a problem with a VBA module and does not pose a risk of data loss.
  • Interruption when Changing Data: Interruption when making changes to data may cause corruption in the Access database file. You can repair the Access database file, but some data may be missing after the repair is complete.
  • Improperly Designed Plug-ins: Third-party plug-ins Plug-ins installation in MS Access can also corrupt the database if they are not properly designed. At the start, Plug-ins run in the same memory space as Microsoft Access does. And so, a plug-in crash can also lead the application to crash, leading to database corruption.

These above-mentioned reasons are enough to understand Why anyone needs to repair corrupted MS Access database files.

Now, Let’s understand the Possible methods to recover corrupted MS Access Database files.

Effective Methods to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files

Usually, when an MS Access Database corruption problem occurs, the best resolution is to send the database to some repairing firm or call over the experts.

But, sometimes, when there are minor corruption issues, then you can repair a corrupt Access database file by yourself using certain manual approaches after verifying Access file corruption problems. There are a few possible methods to repair MS access database files.

  1. Repair Corrupt Access MDB Data File By Restoring from Backup
  2. In-Built Compact and Repair Method of MS Access 2010 Version
  3. Best Method to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files

1. Repair Corrupt Access MDB Data File By Restoring from Backup

Firstly users should try to restore Access files from the recent healthy backup available on the system. Before trying to repair a corrupted MS Access database file say an MDB file by restoring from a recent backup, users have to follow the below-mentioned steps to repair access database files :

Step 1: Delete the .ldb extension file, which is the file auto-created by Jet-database-engine when the database opens.

Step 2: Now, you can use Jet-Compact-Utility designed especially for rectifying small MS Access corruption issues.

Step 3: After that, you have to remove all of the compiled VBA code from the Microsoft Access corrupted database.

Step 4: You might require changing the path for Ms Access.exe if it is installed in some other location.

2. In-Built Compact and Repair Method of MS Access 2010 Version

If you don’t have any earlier backup then, you can try the Compact & Repair utility to repair corrupted MS Access database files. The following steps are involved in recovering corrupt MS Access MDB files using the Compact & Repair inbuilt Method:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Access (do not open database file).

Step 2: Go to Database Tools then, go to Compact and Repair Database.

Step 3: Here, locate the corrupt Access database file. After that, click OK to continue.

Step 4: At last, your selected files for the database are rectified to complete the procedure.

After trying the above steps, if the corruption continues then, you need to import the corrupted database into the newly created MS Access 2010 version’s database file with the steps below to fix the corrupted MS Access database:

  • Open Microsoft Access.
  • Create a new file for the MS Access database.
  • Under the tab for “External Data,” click on the Access for importing MS Access file.
  • In the next pop-up window, you have to click on the Browse button.
  • Now, locate the MS Access database file which is required to be imported.
  • The next process involves specifying the place as well as the technique for storing data in the new Microsoft Access database.
  • Then, click OK to continue further.
  • In the next window, you need to select all of the database items required to be imported.
  • At last, click OK.

Now, your corrupted MS Access Database files are restored successfully. If the above two manual methods won’t work for you then, you can opt for the best method to repair corrupted MS access database files.

3. Best Method to Repair Corrupted MS Access Database Files

In case, the above-explained manual methods seem to be difficult and complex for you then, you should try the best method to repair corrupted MS Access database files using the Access Database Recovery Tool.

Access Database Recovery Tool is the most prominent software that repairs & recovers corrupt Access Database files. The MS Access Database Recovery software can seamlessly recover and restore Microsoft Access database objects like relations, tables, queries, indexes, etc. from corrupt MDB files. The software is also loaded with dual recovery modes to recover MS Access files.

Exclusive features of the Access Database Recovery Tool

  • Easily repairs Access Database MDB as well as ACCDB files with ease.
  • Restores Reports, Tables, Queries, Forms, and Index into an accessible form of MS Access Database.
  • Two Modes: standard and advanced scanning modes are available to recover corrupt Access Database files accurately.
  • The software supports the recovery of OLE Object or MEMO data types from damaged Access Database files.

Final Words

In the above write-ups, first, we discussed the need for the corruption of MS Access Database files. After that, we discussed the manual technique to repair corrupted Access Database files.

Manual methods such as the restoring method and the built-in method seem complex and complicated so to overcome the complications or to protect data from data loss use of the best technique is explained at last.

Hence, it is advised to use the MS Access MDB File Repair Tool to repair corrupt MS Access Database Files. Thanks for visiting this post. I hope you found it helpful & interesting. For the latest updates visit this blog regularly.

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