7 Types of Applications that Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Business growth is a tough and time-consuming process, but it can be easy when you have multiple hands to help you out.

However, every business cannot afford to have a separate team which is why there are cost-friendly methods or tricks that can help the business in growth under a specific budget. Yes, that’s true, irrespective of the budget you have you can choose to proceed with effective methods of business growth without even hiring much employees.

In this article, we are sharing the best and the easiest method i.e., using applications for business growth. Using the application you can keep up the work effectively as per needs and maintain the data effectively. So without any further ado, let’s take a look at the list of apps to use for business growth.

Top 7 Applications to use for Business Growth

Below are some of the best applications that you can use in your business in place of having a separate team.

1. Accounting Apps

Keeping the accounts of a business is one of the toughest yet most important tasks for a business. Most of the big companies tend to have a dedicated accounts team to keep a track of all expenses and incomes, but when a business is at starting levels it can afford to have a dedicated team for accounts. Other than this the transaction may be smaller in some businesses for which having a huge team for accounts is worth it.

In such cases, the business can opt to use accounting apps that can be great for keeping a track of all expenses and profits of the business. These applications are designed in such a manner that users can fill each and every expense effectively. Other than just managing expenses and profits it offers features using which you can schedule payments effectively. You can use an app for scheduling the salaries of the employees easily.

2. Employees Management Apps

Internal management of the business is necessary and to do that task companies assign roles to HR. But if you wish to go budget-friendly, then in that case you can opt to use the application for managing all the internal affairs. Using the apps you can manage employee payments, accounts, labor costs, salaries, and other complexities.

Besides the management of employee’s data, it helps in making the operation easy. Using the app employees can collaborate with each other and work together on the same projects effectively.

3. Inventory App

Keeping a track of all the assets and inventory is important especially when you are into a business that requires regular tracking. In such cases, spending money on employees to take care of the inventory is not worth it. In place of employees, you can just hire one employee to handle the application and keep the app posted about all the incoming and outgoing of the stock.

For every sale or purchase, you can simply add them to the app. Irrespective of the number of products you can create categories and then a separate list of products. Under the list, you can add purchase and sale data after the day or immediately as per ease. The app will smartly monitor and notify whenever the stock is getting low. Some apps will have a schedule option to help you notify about placing orders for stock or restocking products.

4. Point of Sale Apps

Sale of a product is the main object of any brand. The more the sale, the more business will grow. The backend task for maintaining the record of sales is very important, for which businesses hire dedicated professionals. They keep an entry of every move that has been involved in the sale of a product. However, this process can be performed by an app too.

Point of sale applications are developed to minimize the workload and workforce of a business. The app smartly keeps data of all the aspects related to the sale of a product. It involves an exchange medium like cash, cheque, debit, or credit card for a product. Using the app you can easily maintain a record of all transactions that can be useful when creating accounts.

5. Scheduling Apps

Punctuality makes a huge impact on the business. You need to take every work seriously as in the professional world time is money. You need to be on time whether it is a meeting or a product brief. Keeping up with all the work and then remembering everything gets tough which is why the Scheduling app is created.

These apps help you in remembering the time for all the important tasks or meetings and notify you before so that you are never late. If the company has a budget, it can hire an assistant for this work. While the smartest and budget-friendly way to work it out is by using an application. If we compare human cost or application cost for the same work, then the application is way cheaper than the human.

We would suggest you to use the scheduling application for all your tasks. Though there are many applications available on the internet, you need to research well before you subscribe to any of them. Look for the features and user reviews before you choose any application.

6. E-Commerce Website

Managing the business online is a tough task. Even if you wish to expand the business you need to push boundaries and get your products to various locations across the country. The only way you can reach maximum people is through the internet. On the internet, you can simply set up your e-commerce website as it will take care of all your inventory, payment, and product details that users want.

Many companies have grown with e-commerce websites, if you wish to grow more you need to invest in developing an e-com website and get new customers from across the globe. If you have a budget for moving further you can also create your own app for user ease.

7. Social Media

Last app that you can use for business growth is social media. Many brands do not consider being on social media, but ethically for business growth, it will leave a negative impact. In today’s time when marketing strategies are changed as per social media trends, having a presence on social media is very important.

Using the social media application you can post about the brand and products to create awareness among the viewers. It has been observed that the brand which is new is less likely to be bought than a brand that has been in the market for a longer time.


These are the best applications that you can use for improving your business presence. You can choose the application that suits your requirements and then move further with the plan.

We hope that you will find the list of apps useful. If you have any further questions you can contact us in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you with every query.

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