The Future of Food Delivery Apps

The On-demand food delivery apps can provide the customers everything right from Thai soup to exotic mexican dishes at the ease of their fingertips.

As per the data, the revenue which gets collected from their online food delivery is $22,073 million in the year 2019 and the annual growth rate of 6.5% and it is said to rise up to the market volume of $28,398 million by the year 2023.

Food Delivery app development will definitely see skyrocketing results as the popularity which these apps enjoy like Just Eat and Zomato which takes over the major market share and the features in the food delivery apps will help in engaging your target audience.

There has been a remarkable technological development in the field of food delivery apps. The companies have been making new moves in the market to provide the best customer services and to encourage their food ordering app.

The technologies which are of high importance are being implemented within all the food delivery apps which can help in providing better services to all the customers.

Alright… The top 5 technologies which will make a massive impact on the food delivery apps are as follows:

Big Data

Most of the food delivery apps are using the technologies as the perfect weapon to grow and expand their business.

It assists in getting a better idea about all the customer behavior and all the preferences which help in creating a better user experience.

All the food delivery giants like Zomato and Uber Eats are perfectly making the use of Artificial Intelligence for such things.

The use of Big Data can get seen clearly at the time of play. Many food ordering apps are integrating Big Data to make sure that riders, customers, and all the restaurants must be having a great experiences while using the same platform.

Data can be utilized by the food delivery app and the app developers to recognize the trends and make it much better with data-powered decisions.

Apart from this, the big data can also be mandated to set the seal on that they are actually working along with the relevant and updated data.

Big data also provides the business owners with real-time operational monitoring making the use of big data and its analytics.

This further helps in keeping track of customers, drivers, orders, and other things that are required in-between and that too in real-time.

It also results in making smoother deliveries and also efficient functioning.

New Ways of Deliveries

The major food ordering and delivery apps have been experimenting with all the various ways of making transportation of all the food packages to all the customers.

Dominos, Zomato, and UberEats have been making experiments with all the drones to assist in reducing the delivery times by breaking it into halves.

All the food delivery apps are eagerly waiting for the government approval to channelise the delivery of food by drones as it is getting much more adjacent to reality than we think.

Apart from the use of drones to make the deliveries of food, even robots also get tested across several places such as San Francisco and among some of the university campuses in other places as well.

The best thing with robots is that they don’t look like a Sci-Fi novel menacing robot but they appear cute and trendy.

The robots will alter the methods how the food delivery apps are developed as they are anti-theft.

To avoid all the robbers from stealing the robots and the food from the robots they will develop some special features which will allow the customers to unlock it from the food delivery apps.

New Ways to Order

Nowadays many people have got so many devices and even they are equipped with smart gadgets and wearables, these smart devices are put to use when they want to juggle the show using them.

With the new technological developments and the emergence of smartwatches, smart TV’s, smart speakers, and all other devices which can be used to place an order.

There are food delivery apps that are specifically designed for all such smart devices and wearables as such wearables have their own operational functionality and the apps available on the Apple Store and Google Play store might not meet the requirements.

All the users are even able to make the orders via the number of various devices such as smartwatches, smart Tv’s along with the home speakers such as Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s HomePod.

All such things can change the pattern of how the food ordering and delivery confirmed the orders of the customers.


With the advancements in blockchain technology, there are new types of payment methods that all the On-demand delivery apps can help in catering to all the cryptocurrencies.

Customers from across the globe can place orders online and even for takeaways with the use of cryptocurrencies.

All the cryptocurrencies or specifying the cryptocurrencies which can get accepted by the food delivery giants can help in preventing frauds and can even enhance the customer experience.

Cloud kitchen

Cloud kitchens are nothing but restaurants that do not exist at all.

Oh, what the hell are you talking about? Then how can we get the food from such kitchens?

The best thing about cloud kitchens is that they do not have to be physical restaurants of the same name but the kitchen and the chefs who serve that food.

For instance, If the restaurant is Granny’s kitchen which is into selling pizza and Italian dishes then the restaurant can be considered as a normal restaurant.

But if the same restaurant makes the registration of another restaurant on the same app called burn to hell. The Granny’s kitchen name won’t get changes nor its menu.

They will be getting and accepting the orders for both the restaurants via the same online food delivery partner. Even the same kitchen will be used and the same chefs will be preparing the food and the same delivery partner will execute the order.

Since the kitchen is only running here it will be considered as a cloud kitchen.

All the usage trends for the food ordering and delivery apps because they make the use of cloud kitchens to help in creating their own cloud restaurants and generate massive revenue and even make more profits.

It can also help in saving the costs which get spent on renting the restaurants along with other charges as well.

The Last Lines

With the rapid expansion, there are plenty of new features and even the functionalities which are to be integrated as soon as the rules and regulations favour them.

With all such technological features, there are higher chances that the revenue will be generated which might also cross the projected data and leap ahead.

Let’s look at how things will unfold in the near future in the food delivery app development sector.

James Vargas

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, startup business consultant, assistance in trademark registration, Food Delivery App Development, and marketing head at getting Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solution.


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