How does Image Text Converter Help the Students in Assignment Writing?

Image Text Converter

Assignments are like nightmares for students that come uninvited. But still, they have to pass this stage with smiles on their faces.

You might be thinking how can assignments be a thing that can bring smiles to our faces?

As the world is modernizing new kinds of tools are being introduced that make it easy for students to complete their assignments. 

It often happens that certain images and pictures contain important stuff that students need to add to their assignments.

Before people couldn’t extract text from the images but now with the help of an image-to-text converter, students can extract text from all kinds of images.

In this article, we have explained the benefits of an image-to-text converter and what tools are best to extract text from an image. 

Benefits of an Image to Text Converter

1. Results will be Accurate

Humans tend to create errors because we are not computers that will cross-check each and everything. However, computers provide accurate results.

These converter tools scan every word in the image with the help of OCR (optical character recognition) technology and provide you with accurate results that do not contain any kind of errors. 

2. Converts PDF Files into Word Format

It becomes quite difficult for people to convert the stuff written in PDF files.

Many times people in offices share files that are in PDF format and they need edits which leaves people to copy the stuff from the file in the written format. 

Copying content manually can be time taking and people can make errors in between therefore using a text converter can be a big help to businessmen. 

However, image-to-text converter tools help people to convert their PDF files and allow them to edit them without any hassle. 

3. Converts Handwritten Text in Digital Format

Sometimes there are a lot of handwritten documents and assignments that need to be sent online but are not present in the digital format.

Here the OCR technology can help you convert your text formats into digital ones within seconds.

You just need to click pictures of your text and upload it to the tool after which your document will be converted without any errors. 

Best OCR Tools to Convert Your Files 

1. image to text converter is one of the best tools that provide advanced OCR technology which helps to extract all the text from all kinds of images.

Whether your image is in JPEG format or it is a GIF image your text will be extracted easily without making any errors or mistakes. 

The tool is quite user-friendly for people, you just need to upload the image or paste a URL that contains the image.

By clicking the submit option, you will get your text in an editable format without paying any subscription or registration charges. 

The tool is developed with advanced artificial intelligence which scans each word to give you accurate results.

Other than this, you can also get your text in different languages other than English, such as Dutch, Spanish, Italian, etc. 

2. is one of the tools that does not only provide an image converter but also provides a paraphrasing and rewriting tool which can help students to rewrite articles and assignments to avoid plagiarism. 

This tool is one of those tools that provide accurate results within seconds. You will come across many tools that work amazingly but are over-priced or charge a heavy fee to provide you with great results.

However, this is not the case over here. Here you will get authentic results that will save you time and effort and you will be free to complete tasks in fewer minutes. 

The image-to-text converter offered by this website is very easy to use, you just need to drag an image or upload a file to get your text in written format.

 This tool helps people to extract text from newspapers, social media posts, class notes, and many other things. 


This ( online OCR converter is also a free tool that extracts text without any hassle.

This tool has made data entry quite easy and feasible for people as you just need to capture the image of the written data and it will be changed in the digital format within seconds. 

Just like the tools mentioned above you can rely on this tool as well as it provides correct results and will not charge you for converting the text.

You have hard copies of long essays that need to be submitted online or you must extract information from certain websites for your assignments, this tool will do your work in just a few seconds.

4. is one of the best and reputable images to text converter available online. The immense growth in its popularity is because of the accuracy and other benefits it offers users while charging nothing from them in return. 

This online tool is available to be used from any device including both Android and iOS devices. It can convert images into text in 100 different languages allowing people across the globe to get their work done without any hassle.  This tool is powered with AI that ensures no mistakes occur and programming languages like Python that ensure quick results.


Students are often piled up with a bundle of work that causes sleepless nights and days which becomes very hectic for them.

In this modern age, technological tools have made our lives very easy and saved a lot of time that can be consumed on other tasks.

These OCR technology image to text converter tools can help students save data that they have in hard copies.

Sometimes, writing down things on our own can cause mistakes that are quite common but copying data digitally can never lead you to make any mistakes.

Whether you are a businessman or a student you can utilize these tools to make your life hassle-free and easy. These tools save money, time, and effort.

People who hire people for data entry jobs can now use these tools to enter their data in a few seconds.  So use these free tools and take advantage of them before time goes out and new advancements in technology are made.

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