Top Astrology Software 2024

Astrology Software

Many people nowadays still believe in hand reading to know about their future. It is useful in revealing users’ hidden life aspects and includes several features such as tarot card reading, horoscope, astrology, and many more.

Palm reading is the process of assessing individual characters and can predict the future of users by seeing the hand lines. This future prediction can be made by seeing the size, shape, and line of the user’s palms and fingers. Indians introduce this art of predicting the future of an individual.

Astrology software is popular in many cultures through which users can also forecast their finances, love, career, and many more. With the advancement of technology, users will also be able to enjoy the services of palm reading on their smartphones by sending a picture of their hands to professional palm readers. These software are mostly used by sky lovers as they are seeking deep knowledge.

The astrologer and computer programmer developed the astrology software, and this software is packed with a bundle of electronic atlas, enabling the users to review the longitudes, latitudes, and time zones for observing the cities and towns.

This software is used for accurate planet position calculations, displaying and printing out these calculations by using the astrological glyph symbols in graphical charts.

Following are the best Astrology Software of 2024:

01. Kepler
02. Sirius
03. Solar Fire
04. Shri Jyoti Star
05. Regulus Platinum
06. Parashara’s Light
07. Fortunescope
08. Kasamba
09. WinStar Express
10. Pegasus
11. Red Astro Professional 8.0
12. Auto Palmistry
13. Jaimini Light



Kepler is an astrology software used for the exploration of connections according to distinct and future trends. The Astromaps include the following features Harmonic Highlights, Cosmo Natal, Vedic Reports, and many others.


Sirius is the most powerful and simplest way of operating astrology software. When users want the best unusual astrological methods, then Sirius is one of them with the additional features of Astro Calendar. This software also offers automatic modification of astrological services and businesses to increase the profit value.

Solar Fire

Solar Fire is packed with unique and innovative wheel designs according to the requirements. This astrological software was developed and published by Stephanie and Graham Dawson.

This software includes the best robust program with alert notifications and reminders. It is only compatible with the Windows operating system, but the updated version is also compatible with the Mac-based system.

Shri Jyoti Star

Shri Jyoti Star is the Astrology software that was developed and published by Andrew Foss. This software is embedded with amazing features, including accurate Dashes, rectification events tables, Pushkar table, updated Atlas, and many others.

Regulus Platinum

Regulus Platinum

This Astrology software was based on the Huber program, and it is compatible with collaborative windows. This software offers various versions, including Basic, Classic, and Professional, based on the budget.

It also includes various packages of texts with the cost, including Interpretation of Natal Chart, Solar, Vocational, Karmic, Transits, and Synastry Returns. This software is used to adjust the sizes of screen definitions with the font size.

This software includes the following features:

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Calculation of Sun and Moon Cycle
  • Includes more than 500,000 locations
  • High-Resolution Printing
  • Hellenistic Astrology Module

Parashara’s Light

 Parashara's Light

Parashara’s Light is an astrology software that is compatible with both Mac and Windows. The features embedded in this software are Graha, Nakshatra, Rashi, and Bhava Explorer with planetary information. This software provides a low learning curve with a simple graphical user interface.

This software includes the following features:

  • Low Learning Curve
  • Learn Vedic Astrology
  • Free Technical Support
  • Fully Customizable Screens
  • Built-In Word Atlas
  • Lasting Investment



Fortunescope is another application in the list of best palm reading apps that allow users to have live future reading based on the hand scan. It also provides the facility of love horoscope, finance, and business forecasts under the observation of professional palm readers. These professional palm readers may read the hand lines and can make daily horoscopes or annual horoscopes as per customer desire. 

It may provide the future horoscope for all areas of life and can create personal daily forecasts, love horoscopes, health horoscopes, and many more. Users will also be able to find love compatibility, name compatibility, and sexual compatibility by using this application. 


Kasamba is another best hand-reading application that may provide a live chatting facility with the psychic expert. It allows the users to get an accurate and real answer from the psychic expert in a 3-minute trial. It is considered the best application to get life advice in the time of unhappiness. 

Apart from palm reading, it may also support tarot reading, fortune-telling, astrology, and zodiac readings. The best part of using this application is that personal information is safe and will not be shared with anyone at any cost. Users will also be able to know about their upcoming days, marital status, financial status, and many more.    

WinStar Express

WinStar Express

WinStar Express is the newest generation of an inventive matrix with professional-level tools and is easy to operate with a single click. This astrology software was developed by Matrix, and it includes four various charts, including geocentric or heliocentric charts. It offers a graphical user interface with a simple design but contains limited features as compared to Solar Fire and Sirius. 

This software offers easy access to some renowned developer’s techniques, including burn rate and Lilly strengths. It allows the users to display a single chart with two various views and also allows them to view two separate charts.



Pegasus is a cosmic pattern astrology software with a low budget and accuracy in calculations. This software is mostly liked by the users due to its multi-report options at affordable pricing. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating computers. This software is not entirely free to use, and the user has to spend a significant amount of 100 USD, including handling and shipping.

This software is used to calculate the hypothetical objects and minor planets about 1000 BC. The calculation of this software is based on Swiss ephemeris with high accuracy. It includes the same time zone and daylight saving timetable as other astrology software. 

Astro Guru

Astro Guru is an application of fortune teller palmistry and astrology that offers astrology predictions through free palmistry Kundli, horoscope, and many more. It may include compatibility matches hidden qualities about astrological signs, and many more. It is considered the best application for giving accurate results by scanning the user’s palm.

It provides mobile support for Android and iOS. It allows the users to learn about the hidden qualities and personality traits that may depend upon the astrological stars. It helps show the marriage compatibility between the spouses and is available in multiple languages Russian, German, Korean, and many more. Its full version is accessible at the subscription cost of 2 USD per item.

Red Astro Professional 8.0

Red Astro Professional 8.0 is the best astrology software that facilitates the user with server startups, SMBS, SMEs, and Agencies. It offers a simple user interface with an end-to-end solution for any Windows operating system.

The predictions and charts are based on the Laal Kitab Lagna Kundali with a deep study of astrology, palmistry, and Vastu Shastra. Laal Kitab was written by Pt. Roopchand Joshi and is based on the ancient Urdu language with various styles of poetry. 

Auto Palmistry

Auto Palmistry is the best application for palm reading that allows users to find the fortunes by simply taking a picture of the palm. It is based on real palmistry and can easily be done by using the Android camera. It can tell the future of the users by taking pictures of their palms.

This app works best by analyzing the major lines on the palm of users’ hands from the picture and can tell them about their nature and destiny. The picture of the palm is taken by an Android camera, and users can save this picture on their mobile or system. It may include a unique artificial intelligence program that can analyze the major lines of the palm through a picture.

Jaimini Light

Jaimini Light is the astrology software that is based on Jaimini astrology and offers a unique approach to horoscopes. It provides the astrology charts in detail with twelve various attributes. By using this software, the user can predict the exact age of marriage, wealth creation, and other information.

It may provide the future horoscope for all areas of life and can create personal daily forecasts, love horoscopes, health horoscopes, and many more. Users will also be able to find love compatibility, name compatibility, and sexual compatibility by using this application.

Final Worlds

The above-discussed palm reading applications help users to find future problems in their lives. These applications allow the users to get forecast reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Users will also be able to get daily love horoscopes, couple horoscopes, love compatibility horoscopes, and many more by using these applications. This article has covered the best palm reader applications that help users to know about their future problems.

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