10 Productivity Apps to Stay On Track on Your Daily Goals

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It’s a struggle to keep track of the things you need to do and stay organized. When all your information is scattered across different devices, it’s easy to get distracted. The result – projects take longer to complete. Additionally, you end up wasting a lot of time.

For me, social media is one of the biggest distractions. Whenever I start doing my work, I have this urge to pause and check my Facebook and Instagram. When you have Optimum Wi-Fi plans and smartphones that keep you connected to the web all the time, it’s hard to stay focused.

Fortunately, this digital world brings us a variety of productivity apps to help with daily tasks. Let’s review some of the best ones:

1: Trello

Trello is a productivity and task management app based on cards and boards. It’s a virtual bulletin board. The app lets you add notes, photos, files, labels, color codes, etc. to the card. You can drag and drop the cards to reorganize things.

2: helps you focused the second your alarm rings until you lay on your bed at night. It gives daily reminders to help you review your tasks to make sure you are following a productive plan and not wasting your day.

3: Pocket

Memes on social media, interesting videos or even an article can throw you off track on your most productive days. If that’s you, Pocket will come to your rescue. It lets you save the pages of your favorite content. It also makes them available offline to check them later on.

It lets the user categorize content by creating lists. The Pocket app has a paid version too starting from $5 per month. This gives you access to more features and no ads.

4: Wunderlist

This task management app lets you create a list and share it with friends and co-workers. It makes your list available cross all devices to stay organized and manage your tasks. This feature makes real-time collaboration possible between you and your colleagues.

5: Carrot

Sometimes, tough love is the only solution to your problem. If you want someone to hold you accountable, Carrot will do the honor. It makes sure you stay on top of your to-do list.

The app plays fairs at the same time. It rewards you whenever you complete your tasks. It’s best for those who want to conquer their tasks.

Caution: If you are a faint of heart, Carrot is not for you.

6: Evernote

You must have heard of Evernote already. It’s a highly popular productivity app. It offers you a workspace to do a variety of tasks starting from taking notes, presenting ideas, organizing tasks, etc. You can also integrate photos, web clips, and drawings into your notes.

7: Reminders

Are you the type of person who’s in the constant need for reminders? Reminders app is meant for you. It comes with all standards features offered by to-do apps. Additionally, it allows you to set notifications for yourself.  The best part – it has an Apple trademark design and it’s easy to use.

I had to call customer service to inquire about Optimum prices. My busy work schedule always made me forget about making a phone call. I used to Reminders on my iPhone to send me a reminder at 8:00 pm for calling Optimum.

8: Calendly

No joke; sometimes meetings can turn into a massive migraine. Worst of all is setting them, to begin with. You have to spend hours trying to figure out the right time that works for everyone. This wastes a lot of time.

To avoid the fuss, use Calendly. It automates the process of setting meetings with employees, customers, clients, and even interviews.

It gives you all the control over when and how a meeting is to be scheduled. It sets times when you are available for a meeting and the recipients can select from the options. You don’t have to manually ask every receipt if they are available. This saves everyone time.

9: Headspace

Our mood impacts productivity in big time, right? Apps like Headspace might not be a productivity tool but it can help you stay productive. This meditation app allows you to fit meditation into your schedule and stay on top of your mental health.

10: Bear

This app lets you keep your notes and to-do list together. You can group the notes by hashtag. This makes it easier to find tasks later on. Each of these productivity apps has unique features. Choose the one that fits your style more.

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