Solar Lighting: Reasons for Changing Trends

Solar Lighting

Over the past few decades, solar light products have become very popular. The major reasons are its economical, brighter, and long-lasting lights compared to other charging units. Therefore, these are becoming the first choice of users over conventional lighting solutions.

These are the perfect combination of solar power and lighting making a special position all over the world. The solar power lights generate their power, you just need to install it and it will start generating power from sunlight.

How Solar Lights Works?

Solar lights work because of solar cells called photovoltaic. It helps in converting sunlight into electrical current to produce energy. Each solar cell contains several crystalline chemicals and silicon layers that help in creating negative and positive charged electrons.

When the sunlight passes through the cell it boosts negatively charged electrons and reduces positively charged space and it starts producing light.       

To run solar lights, you will need a Solar Panel that will take light from the sun and then convert it into electricity. The battery helps the solar panel to release energy when there is no sunlight at night. A photoresistor acts as a sensor that helps to find whether it is day or night.

Motion Sensor, assist in saving energy, defines the passerby position, and gives a command for on and off function.   LED light bulbs, release energy and illuminate surroundings.

Why is Solar Lighting Getting High Popularity?

Nowadays, solar power is becoming the first choice not only for households but for governments too. Solar power is a clean source of energy. It is observed that there will be a high demand for solar panels and solar energy in the future compared to other non-renewable sources of energy. Here we have some more reasons explaining it:

More Choices Over Lighting

Over the past few years, several innovations have been made in solar lighting. As a result, there is a wide variety of solar power lights in the market. You can install solar lighting lamps in the street to meet outdoor lighting.

The illuminated spotlight brightens your pathway for the whole night. Also, one can choose different styles and patterns based on their home interior to give an amazing outlook. These work throughout the night without adding monetary figures to your bill.

Easy to Install

Although the fixtures and functions of solar-powered lighting vary, still these are easy to install. One needs to need to keep in mind three major components,

  • Solar power lights
  • How will it work? and,
  • How will it get power throughout the day?

Once, it is installed properly, one does not to worry for long period. Its working process starts when the solar panel is mounted on top of the light. 

Environmental Impact

Solar energy is one of the cleanest sources of energy. During its production, it does not produce any byproduct or carbon emissions. Modern technology made it possible that solar energy can be products and used in a tropical or desert climate. The successful solar power experiments had been conducted in polar environments.

Therefore, every part of the US solar powered street lamp for clean energy can be easily seen. Apart from these, people in the US commercialize solar water heating systems over the past hundred years. This is due to the high availability of sunlight and cost-effective replacement for regular grid-electricity.

For reducing your carbon footprint by installing solar generation plants, Chariot Energy is highly recommended. They provide renewable or green energy plans with an affordable price and flexible facilities.

Impact of Technology Improvement

With the rapid change in technology, recent developments offer a completely changed range of solar function power lights. Compared to traditional lights, these lights generate more power and light. This is because of improved batteries which are sleek and more efficient.

These take a few hours to charge and illuminate house or street full night light. Whereas older batteries take a long duration for charging and still inefficient to serve enough light. In addition, technology made great changes in lits also. Lits are brighter and consume less power. The only few hours of charge helps lits to produce lasting results and do not drain the pocket.     

More Flexible

Another major reason is solar power flexibility, which makes its users the best choice. Modern solar power lights have the best part that solar panels and lights can be installed in different places. Like, one can install a light in dark areas whereas solar panels on the top of the roof or other areas also.

The automatic on and off feature is like icing on the cake. It works when the sensor sees movement in a particular area, it turns the light on and after some time it gets off. Hence it helps in saving lots of energy and makes it the most efficient product in the market.

Weatherproof Lighting

Generally, solar lights are meant to meet every weather condition. Therefore, whether it is a sunny day or an extremely cold day, you need not worry about solar light. But when there is rain, you cannot leave the lit outdoor open.

Once the water will enter, it will get fused. Therefore, it is always advisable to add hanging on the light in swimming pools, ponds, and creek areas. Covering it can also help in saving from water.

Getting Popularity in Roadway, Parks, Parking Lots, and Bike Path:

Many government agencies and municipalities worried about high power consumption installed solar power lights at major public places. Apart from cost saving, there are certain additional benefits of outdoor solar lights like no need to install long wires and bear their maintenance expenses.

At some commercial places, outdoor lighting is essential to maintain safety and security such as bus stops, pedestrian pathways, signage & billboards, security lightings.


The reduction in non-renewable resources titled people’s perception of renewable sources of energy. Therefore, solar power has taken a prominent place in today’s environment. Another factor is a drastic change in technology that brings great innovations and amendments in solar power technology and makes it the user’s first choice.

One can get amazing designs, sizes, and shapes of solar power lights at affordable prices. The longevity and quality of lighting without adding a burden on the pocket make it more popular. Some other reasons like environment safety, weatherproofing, and flexibility create its special place.

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