Restaurant App Development: Costs and Key Features

Restaurant App Development

Technology has profoundly altered the way many enterprises see the world. Have you ever imagined getting meals delivered to your door before a decade?

“FoodPanda” was the first company in India to develop a meal delivery app a decade ago by connecting with a Restaurant App Development Company. The company was unable to generate revenue for some reason. People were unable to accept the notion due to a lack of understanding and acceptance of the new restaurant and meal delivery trend.

According to a recent report, the food business would be worth US$0.91 trillion in 2023. The active involvement of food delivery mobile applications is the driving force behind this increase.

According to Statista, internet meal delivery is expected to reach 2.64 billion users by 2027.

In this article, we are going to share the upgraded trending features, and cost of restaurant app development.

Cost of Restaurant Management Mobile App Development 

When evaluating the cost of a restaurant mobile app, there are several aspects to consider. You may get a sense of those factors by looking at the list mentioned below:

  • Company’s Experience & Region
  • Deployment Platforms for Applications
  • Team Structure & Tech Stack
  • Mobile App Features
  • App Design (UI/UX)
  • Integrations with Various Payment Systems
  • App Complicatedness
  • Integration with third-party APIs

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are numerous other factors to consider. Depending on these factors, the cost of designing a restaurant mobile app will range from $15,000 to $40,000.

The cost of an MVP version of the app will be lower. The same is true for website solutions, as establishing a restaurant website costs less than developing an app. Customers who looked in this section for a price were also interested in finding out how much it would cost to design a food delivery app.

The Most Important Features to Include in a Restaurant Mobile App

Here’s a thorough list of amazing features to think about for your restaurant app. Many well-known food chains, such as McDonald’s and Starbucks, have already included these components in their apps to give a better experience for their customers.

You’ll need to hire expert app developers to ensure that these functionalities are also included in your restaurant management software.

The Food Menu

The most popular restaurant management apps provide a list of different food products organized into categories, as well as images, prices, and even calories.

All of the dishes are grouped into numerous categories and subcategories to make it easier for customers to find and order the food they desire. These changes are being made to make the food ordering process more user-friendly and straightforward.

Menu Personalization

Customers have a wide range of nutritional preferences and options. As a result, individuals are eager to find a restaurant that can recognize their eating patterns and cater to them according to their preferences. Restaurants will be able to serve diet-conscious consumers food and will be able to include or remove products based on customer preferences.

The Ordering Process on the Internet

The online order option allows customers to select and order things at their leisure, allowing them time to consider what they should order. It facilitates engagement with the restaurant and increases the utility of the service. Users can also select from home delivery, dine-in, or pickup options. The cost of establishing a restaurant app, on the other hand, may climb as a result.

Make a Reservation

Some people prefer to make a reservation before leaving their house because they do not want to take a chance at the last minute. Customers in this situation can use the table booking feature of the restaurant mobile app to see if a restaurant has seating available at that time.

This feature can save their evening from getting ruined.

Geo-location Feature

The restaurant app developers you work with should understand the significance of this function and must incorporate it into the app. You would be facilitating this to supply services and expand your business in many locations and countries. It will also serve another purpose, such as assisting clients in finding your restaurant.

Connectivity on Social Media

Users must be able to sign up for or register for the restaurant mobile app through their existing social network apps. It would allow consumers to easily register and share their photographs across many social media platforms. To fully utilize it, customers can also post a review that will be displayed on many platforms.

Reviews & Reactions

Customers can use your app to leave comments, ratings, and reviews about the restaurant they visited. This feedback may be useful to other customers who are thinking about ordering food. It’s an essential function for a restaurant app, therefore request it from both Android and iOS app developers to boost consumer trust in your app.

Notifications in Real-Time

Users will be notified about anything related to them or that can benefit them in any way, such as a food delivery order, a pick-up order, or a table reservation, as well as beneficial promotions, offers, and discounts. It’s an intriguing tactic employed by the restaurant to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

Payment Process That is Simple

Users respect an app that provides proper security and protects their personal information. You can also include other payment methods in the restaurant app, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Online Banking, and so on, to ensure secure payment transactions and increase consumer trust in the app.


It is a sophisticated AI-powered chatbot tool that will enhance the value of your app. If a customer has a problem with the app or their order, a restaurant owner or management can communicate with them via it. They can also assist them in finding a solution by answering their numerous questions.

These are a few features that will assist you in developing a solution that will make your life easier. Our restaurant software management development team can assist you.

Another factor to consider while developing your restaurant management app is the cost. Finding out “How much does it cost to design a restaurant app” is simple.

Final Thoughts

Throughout our journey, we have collaborated with a variety of companies on digitalization solutions for application development, software development, and so on. Our mobile app development specialists work with cutting-edge technologies as well as iOS and Android.

We would like to assist you with the development of a restaurant mobile app. Here is the quickest method to get in touch with our domain expert and learn more about our services and pricing.

Based on our 7+ years of experience as a Mobile app development company, we recommend that you quote your expected cost with the help of our professionals.

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