Things you will Get with Hosted QuickBooks Solution

Hosted QuickBooks Solution

If you want to grow your business then you will have to surely streamline your accounting department. You might not know but there are many things dependent upon the accounting department and that’s why you should always try to dedicate time and effort in your accounting department.

But there are many businesses that think including only talented staff will be enough to streamline the accounting department but that’s not true. You should know that you will have to also use the best accounting solution as well in order to make your accounting department more effective, accurate, quick and productive as well.

You should know that in order to use the best accounting solution of the modern-day era you will have to embrace technology because if you will look at the market and hunt for the best accounting solution then your search will end at the amazing QuickBooks hosted solution.

You should know that QuickBooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. There are mainly three versions of QB available in the market; Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. All these three versions of the amazing cloud accounting solution can be easily hosted on the cloud platform.

In order to shift to the cloud platform, first of all, you will have to first find the best QuickBooks hosting provider in the market. Because of the popularity of the cloud accounting solution, now there are many cloud hosting providers in the market and that’s why a person with no knowledge of cloud hosting will find it very difficult to make the right decision. But you can analyze the available cloud vendors on various parameters like security, flexibility, scalability, price, round the clock customer support and much more.

Let’s now look at some of the important things that you will get after shifting to the QuickBooks hosted solution.

Same UI

One of the best things that you will get after shifting to the amazing cloud hosting platform is the same UI. You should know that there are many businesses out there that don’t shift to the amazing cloud platform just because they think that they will have to unlearn everything they have learned on the accounting software and start from scratch again if they will shift to the cloud platform.

Well, there is no denial in the fact that such types of businesses suffer from resistance to change and they will have to change this perception. But you should know about the reality of the cloud hosting solution as well.

When you will shift on the cloud with your accounting software then you will get the same UI that you have been working from past many years. This is one of the best advantages of shifting to the cloud hosting solution. So, even while utilizing the power of the cloud, you will have to work on the same UI with which you are pretty familiar with. This makes cloud accounting solutions like QuickBooks desktop hosting an amazing solution.

Add-on Integration

Another major advantage that you will get along with the hosted QuickBooks solution is add-on integration. You should know that QB has been designed in such a way that it fulfills all the needs and requirements of different types of business. And in order to fulfill the specific business needs, there are industry-specific versions of QB as well.

But in many cases, business needs to customize their QB accounting solution as their need is very, very specific. Well in such a situation, you will have to integrate your accounting solution with add-ons. And the best part is that the cloud accounting solution offers you seamless add-on integration.

Yes, you can easily add different types of add-ons on your accounting software and get expected results from your efforts. This is one of the biggest advantages of using the amazing cloud accounting solution in the form of QuickBooks cloud hosting. You can integrate your hosted QB solution and you will never have to deal with any type of slowdown in your business.

Round the Clock Customer Support

Another important thing that you will get along with the cloud accounting solution is the round the clock technical support. You should know that if you will be working on the cloud accounting solution or any other IT solution, then customer support will become a necessity for you.

Most of the business owners don’t have any type of technical background and this is why they all need technical support from the IT solution provider so that instead of worrying about the IT issues, they can focus on making the most of their IT solution and the same goes for cloud accounting solution as well.

You will not have to pay even a single dime for the round the clock customer support that you will get from the cloud vendor.

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